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  1. Hi there, I'm not sure about others, but I haven't experienced any reoccurring problems. With that said, I haven't updated my files since I took the spaces out of the .zip file title (which worked for me), but I will be updating and re-uploading the product files in the next few weeks, so I'm interested to see what will happen then. If I experience anything, I'll let you know. Cheers!
  2. (Sorry, didn't realize there were additional replies to this thread until now!) Interesting. It does seem to be a Squarespace-wide problem. Please let me know if you find/did find a fix; I'd love to know in case I encounter the issue again on my end. Cheers!
  3. Wow, interesting! Please see below: I think I found a fix!! What I did is I removed all the spaces from my .zip file name and replaced them with underscores. For example, 'Travel the World.zip' would be renamed to 'Travel_the_World.zip'. I then uploaded this newly-named file to my Squarespace product. I purchased the file (with a 100% off discount code) to test it, and it downloaded and opened perfectly. I had a friend try, and it worked for them as well. So relieved! I'm hoping this will continue to work, but this was the best success I've had so far… @jennahidingerphotography Please let me know if this fix solves it for you as well! I'm hoping it does. 🙂
  4. @creedon Thank you for the detailed reply! I'll lay out my answers below: Yes, they're geographically diverse. This is happening to multiple customers in different cities. Yes, the .zip file itself opens perfectly fine before uploading. I even sent the file to a friend's computer and they were able to open it and view the content, so I assume it's not a permissions issue. It has to be getting corrupted somewhere in the upload/download process on Squarespace. Also, here's the weird thing: I tried the unzip workaround via Terminal, but that doesn't work either. It's giving me a "permission denied" error, even though it's not a locked file. I've tried deleting and re-creating & re-uploading the file (with different names so it didn't get hung up on some cache issue), but the problem persists. Thank you for the links. I'll take a look and see what they suggest. Cheers!
  5. Site URL: https://pawplepower.com Please help! I have a persisting and urgent problem that's driving me crazy, and I've exhausted all my knowledge on how to fix it. On our Squarespace store, we're selling digital products. One of those products is a .zip file containing audiobook recordings. When the file is purchased, sent to the customer, and then downloaded, it's unopenable and gives the following error message: "Unable to expand [FILE NAME]…" "Error 1 - No such process." I have no idea how to fix this. I've tried so many things: removing a dash in the file name, setting the enclosed folders to 'Read & Write', deleting and listing a brand-new product, etc. I should also mention that the other digital downloads that we sell (which contain .pngs, unlike this one which contains .mp3s), download and open perfectly without incident. The compressed .zip file comes to 241mb, which is well within Squarespace's file limit. Here's the other thing though: when purchased and downloaded, the file size is not that size, but fluctuates between about 150 and 170 mb, which almost seems like something is stopping the download mid-way. I've tested it a million times on my end, and I've only ever had it properly download and open about two times, before not working again. I'm appealing to the Squarespace community hoping that someone can help me; maybe you've had a similar experience and have found the fix. I'd be more than happy to buy you a coffee for your time, I just desperately need the help before we receive any new orders. NOTE: I have no idea whether this is a Squarespace issue, or a localized computer issue. I'm also not sure if this is just an Apple problem. All the reported download problems have seemingly come from Apple users (including myself). This problem also persists on Desktop and Mobile. Link to problem product: https://pawplepower.com/shop/p/powerfully-pawsitive-audiostorybooks
  6. This worked! Thanks so much! I really appreciate it.
  7. Thanks for the reply! It's actually a public site. Here's the link to the page in question: https://pawplepower.com/shop/p/pawple-power-families-stainless-steel-bottle Also, I'd like the code to target both desktop and mobile, if possible... Here's a screenshot as well:
  8. Hi there, Does anyone know how I can reduce the image size of Related Products on my Store page? I used CSS to change the title size and color, but I can't find anything to target the size of the product images themselves. Any help would be much appreciated. Cheers!
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