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  1. Hey! You're almost there and you're awesome for helping me out. Haven't saved the code. That code puts the navigation bar above the header image, though. Are you able to update the code to keep the navigation bar below header image like it was before. If you can't, your code will work for me!
  2. Well, first of all I want to thank you so much. I'm having a bit of an issue, however. It looks like my nav bar has gone above my header using this code and it bleeds into my posts when I scroll down. I haven't saved. Is it possible to keep the header and nav bar's position fixed (like it is now) and have the content flow underneath -- so matter how far you scroll down the header and nav bar are always above the canvas and sidebars? I can't tell you how much I appreciate your help.
  3. Currently when I scroll down my website, my header image and navigation bar go away, which is annoying because I don’t want visitors to have to scroll all the way up to go to a different section of the website. I’d like my content to flow underneath a static header and navigation bar. Any suggestions would be appreciated. james-leslie-xq0u.squarespace.com
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