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  1. All of it is beautiful. Well done. Am keeping your details!
  2. Hi Mary, A great start, there are a few things I think may help you here, if you disagree with any of them, then please just ignore this! 🙂 - I notice that you show lovely images of your photography, but none of your branding and website work. If this is because you have not yet put together case studies of what you've done, I get it, but I would add at least one in for each as otherwise it simply looks like you don't know how to do those 2 extra things, and I'm sure you do. If you don't have any to show, create some mock ups, for do some for free and then use that. - Also notice your website pricing structure, and good for you that you are listing it - but this is even more reason that you need to show you can do this type of work. - This may be me, but there are a lot of image about you - and as a studio, it's clashing with you business purpose, it feels more blog page than business IMHO. The shot of you with the camera is my fav - because it's about you taking your clients image... - there is a bunch of logos scattered after the image gallery, I would use this in your main footer for all pages, so to show that you have got clients, it's not necessary to explain what type of work you did for each, it simply will help with your credibility. - Blog, as there is only 1 entry, hide this for now, (unlinked pages) and when you have at least 5, then make it live, as actually that blog is talking about the same thing as 'Why Woodland' anyway... - You don't seem to have a professional email linked to your url, but I think you should - SQSP offers this and it always looks more professional and legit.) - Lastly, you have a different logo as as your favicon, to your main logo - again this isn't ideal as a branding specialist, I would consider unifying your logo more so it can be used in both places consistently in some way. Hope this helps, and I have shared screenshots of what I'm referring to, which I hope makes sense. Take care,
  3. Hi Jeroni, Lovely portfolio, if it helps you, here is my honest feedback which I hope helps, ignore me if you disagree. 🙂 - You favicon is illegible, and you have such a nice logo, perhaps just use your logo shape here, and make the favicon black so it's more prominent, - these little details help in portfolios. - You have link in your footer that don't go anywhere, I would remove these. - You mention a few services, but as you have a limited number of pieces of work, why not just simply your services to something like "graphic designer for hire, creative problem solver", then when the work comes add to your services as you have work to show for it - it looks less fake this way IMHO. - I notice on you hero image of each project you show beautiful photography rather than your work. As this is a portfolio, your intended audience wants to see at a glance what YOU can do, so I would suggest the graphic design elements of the project are the hero shots and the photography stays as filler within the gallery. - Lastly, I don't think the main image should be you, but rather some lovely quote about how you work, what your looking for, or just something witty, keep your head shot for an about me page - and there add in your cv, some client testimonials, and your education achievements. I've attached screenshots of the things I referring to, which I hope helps me make sense.
  4. Hi JFlynn472, It's a good start- there are a few things I would do instantly to help with the legibility, hope you find this helpful. Ignore me if you don't. - Change the heading title colour (styles/colours), as this is lost on the main image background - Move the logo off the centre of the page, as your heading covers it over - nice logo too! - Think about when you use the script-like font, as this is generally hard to read what is being said, it does work on the lighter green background lower down however - You have promoted an email @yahoo - why not use SQSP professional email address option? I think it's called "Google Workspace - Professional email with your domain". As this always looks better to the painters potential customers. I've attached screenshots of what I see that relate to my comments, I hope that helps too.
  5. Hi tuanphan, I am wanting to have my homepage image be split into 2 images, and when you hover over one (i.e. the left hand side) the image slide open to reveal the other half of the image, and then the same would go for the right hand side. Is this something you could help me achieve? Attached is the first instance when someone would arrive on the site, and then the next image would be when they hovered on the  left image, the logo would slide all the way over and reveal the fuller image....

    Screenshot 2024-04-02 at 16.04.54.png

    Screenshot 2024-03-20 at 16.15.20.png

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