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  1. Hi, I discovered that when I am on my blog on mobile devices, the blog post title is too high up and there is too much space between it and the images on the page. It for some reason is now located behind my website title. Is there a way to change the spacing of the blog post title? I don't mind where the slideshow is on the page, I would just like to move the title.


  2. Site URL: http://laurelguido.com/link-in-bio

    Hi - I would like this link:



    http://laurelguido.com to link to their own pages on mobile (these two links will follow the correct URLs)






    http://laurelguido.com to link to the same page on desktop (link to http://laurelguido.com)


    I would like to put the http://laurelguido.com/link-in-bio on my Instagram page, but because it is only formatted for mobile (and someone can view Instagram on desktop), I would like it to redirect both these links to my homepage ONLY on desktop. On mobile, I would like to be able to open both those links so on mobile, the person can either be directed to my /link-in-bio page and also my homepage, depending on which link they click (so you can still see my real homepage on mobile if going to http://laurelguido.com).

  3. On 5/1/2022 at 3:58 AM, tuanphan said:
    .gallery-fullscreen-slideshow {
        height: 40vh !important;

    Okay so I put this ^^ and added this for just mobile, since I didn't want to change the height on desktop.

    @media only screen and (max-width: 640px) {
    .gallery-fullscreen-slideshow {
        height: 40vh !important;

    This works on the slideshow that is "full: full bleed" but not the reel ones:

    full: full bleed:





    I'm having trouble with the cropping of the reel images either on desktop or mobile, one is always cropping while the other shows the full image: 


    mobile vs. desktop: reel: full (height:medium)

    desktop = correct, mobile = cropped




    all the heights for the vertical images are the same as the heights of the horizontal images, but on mobile, it still crops the image. 


    Sorry if this is confusing!

    CleanShot 2022-05-05 at 12.42.17@2x.png

    CleanShot 2022-05-05 at 12.42.25 2@2x.png


  4. 11 hours ago, tuanphan said:

    You can use this code for all

    .gallery-fullscreen-slideshow {
        height: 40vh !important;


    So I put this ^^ but nothing happened.

    I then put this, which at least did something:

    /* Mobile slideshow padding */
    @media screen and (max-width:767px) {
      .gallery-reel-item {
        height: 40vh !important;




    but it just crops the image instead of making it smaller?

  5. 20 hours ago, tuanphan said:

    Try adding to Design > Custom CSS

    /* Artworks */
    body#collection-613a91744ec5a30be1b3b3a3 .gallery-fullscreen-slideshow {
        height: 40vh !important;


    I'm actually using a reel slideshow (if that matters) but it still doesn't work. 😕 I have quite a few pages like this one with different editorials and will I need a different css for each page?

  6. Site URL: http://laurelguido.squarespace.com

    Hi - 


    I want to use a reel slideshow inside each of my projects listed on my gallery page. On the desktop, I would like to use either the medium or large height for the block that contains the slideshow. However, on mobile, I would like the height of the slideshow block to be small. How can I adjust the reel slideshow on only the mobile view?

    one of the projects with the medium height (correct) reel: https://laurelguido.squarespace.com/config/pages/6135d3c112370a6f0c6612d5

    ---> and when you look at the mobile view, the images are too zoomed in, and look better if I change the height to small.


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