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  1. Are you sure, @paul2009? I dropped an un-optimized thumbnail into my 7.1 site and it turned out to be far heavier than the tinyJPG-version. Perhaps are png's and/or thumbnails not optimized by Squarespace?
  2. Thanks @tuanphan I've have come a bit further. The background works on hover, and the title shows up – but click-through is not working, neither on the image or the image title. Can this be done? Javascript wizardry? https://oboe-vuvuzela-4bha.squarespace.com pw: Hasselblad 🙂
  3. Sorry, but I am a newbie to 7.1 – how can a make the title show in a masonry gallery? https://oboe-vuvuzela-4bha.squarespace.com pw: Hasselblad 🙂
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