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  1. Just back with the same question above, anyone tried to translate dates on Summary's?Here's a screenshot of one. The text under the summary has date and author. The date is english (the month name) and can't find a way to translate it. That's the only item I couldn't translate.
  2. Very good script indeed! Just one thing though, I have a problem getting the Summary to show blog post's dates to french... Anyone got this problem? On my homepage, I put a Summary and chose BLOGS as content. The blog titles are fine but the date is still in english. Help :) Thanks alot!!!
  3. it'd be so good if Squarespace had a proper, more professional way to handle multilingual sites in 2 or more languages...
  4. Thanks Eucarryoats25, Might well be the one! Weird thing though, If I browse themes from Squarespace's homepage, I can't find Charlotte. is that an older discontinued theme or something?
  5. Here's the link: http://www.rhettandlink.com And it's made with Squarespace. Thanks
  6. You could create a 2nd shop inside your shop with the page HIDDEN and you'd give the link to your retail stores customers in private.
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