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  1. Site URL: https://bonjrmusic.com Hello, How can I avoid the white bar that appears while I resize the window? https://i.gyazo.com/c601d704708a402d0ce68d9d5bd70269.mp4 Appreciate any help I can get with this!
  2. Ah, perfect it worked! And how about the actual boxes, how could I center those? Example:
  3. Hi, thanks for replying. This doesn't seem to have worked, and also I am referring to the whole box, not just the text. I have already been able to center the text myself ;o
  4. Site URL: https://bonjrmusic.com/store-select Hi, I have a new issue that I've never had before where the CSS is working on the live website but not on the "custom css" page when I'm configuring the website. Custom CSS Page: Live: How should I go about solving this issue? Appreciate any help I can get! Thanks, Daniel
  5. Thanks, I just tried it out and here is the behavior I am seeing: https://i.gyazo.com/7f5ac9282d56d4ccbeb819d125f65d13.mp4 Still a bit of overlap before it snaps into the column, not sure if that's what you intended.
  6. Gotcha, thanks! If you're looking to help out some more, I have two other posts I made recently with no replies yet 😉 All the best! Daniel
  7. Site URL: https://bonjrmusic.com/faq Hi, How do I center the button element ("license" & "stream" buttons) here using css? Also, how can I ensure that each slide's box (the outer transparent box that contains title, description, button) is always centered? i.e. the left image the box is almost centered and the right image the box is more to the top For context, I believe this is a slideshow section I would also like to vertically center the slideshow navigation buttons that were previously placed at the bottom in the images above & space them apart so that they're attached to the edge of the screen. In the desktop version it's the offset parameter so I was already able to achieve this, however I have not been able to find the equivalent setting for mobile. Attaching a screenshot below of what I have been able to achieve so far, which is not much considering the buttons are not centered with the background and the spacing is not correct. And if possible, I'd like to also change the navigation button radius. I was successful in doing this on the desktop version of the page. Thanks in advance! Daniel
  8. Site URL: https://bonjrmusic.com/music Hello, I have 4 buttons in a single row on the website page linked. However, when I resize the window, some of the buttons end up overlapping. How does one prevent this behavior? I'm also noticing the header links ('home', 'music', 'videos', etc.) become two rows as the window size gets smaller. Looking around at other websites, it seems that they maintain a single row and adjust according to the window size by either having the links remain fixed (which i'm actually seeing with the squarespace forum header), scaling down (youtube) or trimming the content (soundcloud). Does anyone know the code for each of these three different approaches so I could test it out? Appreciate any help I can get! Thanks, Daniel
  9. Perfect, it's working great. I just marked your post as the solution. Do you have any suggestions on how to move content from one page to another without having to remake it? i.e. if I wanted to move the carousel I have on the 'home' page somewhere else, what would be the easiest way to do so? But other than this question, thanks for helping me out with everything!
  10. Ok so turns out the padding is actually useless because the text position appears to depend on the window/screen size: Full-screen Windowed Mobile
  11. Awesome, it worked. Although I think the text isn't exactly centered: This and I'm currently looking at the code to see where I can change the font size, hopefully I can find it. Update: I found where I can change the font size. And also added some padding to move the text more to the center... not sure why it wasn't centered for me in the first place. padding-left:70px;
  12. This might be what I'm looking for. Going to try it out and mark as solved if it works out, thanks!
  13. I guess so, equal height & width (16:9 maybe). At the moment on the website you can see they're all different sizes and not lining up properly.
  14. This is awesome, thank you! I have another active post if you'd like to try help me out with that as well:
  15. Site URL: https://bonjrmusic.com/ Hi, I have a page with alternating video section styles. They alternate almost randomly so I can't target every 2n+1 or something like that. How can I target only sections that have the video on the left side? Basically I will be adding sections as time goes on, and to correctly display everything on mobile I need to use the following code: /* Home Page Order Fix */ #collection-5ff20abda6a0ae63d611180e #page .page-section:nth-last-of-type(9), section:nth-last-of-type(5), section:last-of-type { .row { display: flex; flex-direction: column-reverse; } } However, I could avoid having to always add a new section to this code if I could target left side video sections only. Appreciate any help I can get! Thanks, Daniel
  16. Sorry, I didn't understand what you mean. Could you clarify? And what would this CSS code look like? Also as you see in my examples, I would like to have 2 columns and 2 rows until the screen is reduced to the point where it is forced to become 1 column and 4 rows.
  17. Hi, thanks for getting back to me! Basically this is what I want for every size possible before it gets to tablet/mobile: And once it hits mobile, it changes to this (this already happens): I'd also like every image to have equal dimensions. Let me know if this clarifies everything!
  18. Site URL: https://bonjrmusic.com/store-select Hi, Could someone help me with the design of this page? I would like to have all the image blocks be the same dimensions as well as have the elements adapt to different window sizes. Appreciate any help I can get! Best, Daniel
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