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  1. Hi, On the home page of my website (www.theactionists.co.za) I am using a sidebar plugin and using the whole width of the screen (on desktop). Once you click through to a blog post, the screen area is narrower (for example - https://theactionists.co.za/profiles/wayne-jp). If I use the sidebar plugin it still has padding on both sides and does not work well. Is there a way of forcing my blog posts to use the entire screen so that I can use the sidebar plugin so it will look as it does on the homescreen? (full width)? many thanks Thom
  2. @tuanphan Thanks again. Updated the plugin, still the same problem. Makes it unusable for me. Any other ideas? Thanks Thom
  3. @tuanphan Thanks for your message. Yes, as I said in my first post I have been working with the plugin author but he says he doesn't know how to fix it which is why I am reaching out here. Here is a link to one of the blog posts - https://theactionists.co.za/profiles/diana-musara thanks for you help in advance, Thom
  4. @tuanphan Just following up on this. Any thoughts? I have no idea how to fix the issue. Any help would be much appreciated. T
  5. @tuanphan Hi, thanks for your reply, I can't share the link to specific ones because ... What happens is if you go to the home page www.theactionists.co.za, scroll down and click on one of the blog posts on the home page, the first one you click on will come up in a lightbox with an area for comments at the bottom. Any subsequent posts that you click on will not have the comments area at the bottom. Refresh the page and you can start again, it's always the first one that shows, nomatter which one you pick and then any other ones dont show comments. Does that make sense? thanks in advance for your help
  6. Hi all, This i think may be a really tricky one, not sure if anyone can help. I am using the plugin Lightbox Anything to make my blog posts appear in a lightbox on the main page of my website. I really like how it works, however, for some reason only the firs blog post on the page appears with comments at the bottom, all the rest of them do not show the comments. I want them to show. I have spoken to the developer of lightbox anything and they dont know how to fix it so I thought I would reach out here and see if anyone has an idea. www.theactionists.co.za is the link many thanks Thom
  7. @tuanphan Oh ok, that sounds complicated. there is no way of telling the read more link to align to the bottom of the container?
  8. @tuanphan So actually they all seem to be the same height, my question then is how do I keep the read more links at the same place aligned to the bottom of the card, so that they are all in an allignd row? thanks
  9. @tuanphan Ah thanks so much. The height was there because I want them all to bee the same height, the problem is if the title or excerpt are longer on some of the items then the boxes are different sizes. Ideally, I want the read more link to stay at the bottom of each item aligned across each item and the boxes to be the same size regardless of excerpt length. Does that make sense? Thom
  10. Hi all, I am trying to make my blog grid items and summary block items look like cards. I have managed to add a white background and sometimes a border but once the page size changes, the background doesn't 'hold' the read more link and the excerpt. Is there a way of making this responsive so that all the wording stays within the card? I have tried to search but cant find anything. any help appreciated. an example of the page is https://theactionists.co.za/store
  11. Any solution to this? I also have installed as per the instructions and on the search results page the text [[bpstrwcotob]] is not visible but there but nothing replaces it. any help would be appreciated.
  12. Site URL: https://joburgpeople.com/people/2022/3/25/marandela-matilda-kutama-26ywr Hi, Anyone able to help me with some code that could enable the image in my gallery block to show up in a light box? I want this to work in all of my blog posts so that they have the same functionality. The password is JP1 thanks in advance. Thom
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