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  1. Site URL: https://www.erikaspitler.com/blog Hello there! I’m bumping into an error with my blog categories. When you click the metadata link for some (ie. reading, year-in-review), it works as expected. But then there are other categories (ie. grief + loss, formation) leading to an error page. If I remember correctly, I’d merged these categories with others and now it won’t work. Any thoughts?
  2. @bangank36 — hi! I actually figured it out! Used this code: p a{ border-bottom: none !important; }
  3. Hi there. I’m looking for code to remove underlines from my links while keeping the outline border of all buttons. The two codes I have on hand either remove the bottom button border or all four borders completely. Appreciate any help, thanks so much!
  4. @IXStudio— hey! Thanks so much for your help. It worked! However, there’s no way of someone knowing the text is hyperlinked, as the link text has no option to bolden, underline, etc, differentiating it from the rest of the copy. Would you happen to have any direction on solving this? Appreciate your time and help!
  5. Hi @inunzi— yes it’s erikaspitler.com 😀
  6. Hi there, I’m looking for a way to insert a hyperlink within the quote block text. I’m using a bit of code already to customize the block’s style, but haven’t found a way to add a link. Anyone know if this is possible—CSS perhaps? Would appreciate any help, thanks!
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