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  1. Site URL: https://www.omsorgsformedlingen.se/ Hi, I've just set up a facebook pixel event on the companies website I work for. Its a "submit application" event and I chose to "track button" to set it up. After people click on it, they're added to a contact list on Mailchimp. On the same page we have a "page view" event. Both events seem to have some issues, even though their status is active and tested. Submit application event: When I test it, its triggered and shows activity. I've had a campaign up and running and it shows a CTR of almost 3%, I have 18 applications, but I can only see 8 events triggered and I suspect its me and my coworkers activity when we all tested to submit an application. It could be people coming from other sources submitting the application, but shouldnt the event still be triggered then? How do I set it up so I know it''s only triggered by those who clicked on my campaigns, without needing to do a lot of coding with GTM, for example? Page view event: Since we launched the Facebook campaign, its natural that we see more page views on the site and that this event is triggered. However, it shows a couple of hundred more than what seems reasonable, considering the amount of landing page views we have from the campaign. I can see that the pixel is installed on our website but also on something called mauve-sponge-mtnh.squarespace.com, which I don't know what it is or how to remove, as well as on www-omsorgsformedlingen-se.translate.goog. Can someone help me understand this? I also suspect that the page view is triggered by co-workers working in Squarespace/visiting the webpages/website. How do I exclude them from triggering the events if thats the case? Would really appreciate some help with this! Thanks Olivia
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