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  1. Hi Creedon, Thank you for all of your help. I have a tight deadline (already passed, actually) to get this small issue resolved so I broke down and hired a dev again. In the future, are issues of this size and nature within your current schedule/ can I hire you for things like this in the future? Kevin
  2. Section height is set to small. Wasn't aware re: css troubles with SS currently. How do I duplicate the page--totally willing to just not sure what you are suggesting. Same problem exists on live site even in other browsers and in incognito mode.
  3. Unfortunately this doesn't seem to work either 😕 I can see that it definitely worked for you and I realized that I tried exactly the same thing multiple times without success. Any idea why it worked for you but not for me?
  4. Yes!!! I tried this solution as well but failed 😞 I will try it your way and I thank you profusely for your efforts!
  5. Same problems persist even with the new selector. Thank you for all your help! lmk if you have ideas for these last two issues
  6. Oh! just saw this reply--let me try changing my selector
  7. Welp, I'm giving up and asking for help again! I got the text to be above the slideshow. I need it to have the same alignment/content width/padding as the other two Services listed on the home page. It also obliterates the slideshow in mobile view (the text covers it up). Any thoughts on solutions to these issues?
  8. Actually I'm gonna keep messing around with it--making progress (though likely incorrectly) on my own. Thankyou for your help!
  9. Hey! That sorta Worked--"Photography Services" is now listed just to the left of the slideshow. Now all I need to do is get it to be above! Any ideas on that one? Should I use data-section-id instead?
  10. Unfortunately it did not work, but at least we know its there now!
  11. Site URL: https://www.spacescan3d.com/ I want to add a text block to a Gallery Section that doesn't allow insertion of text blocks (no insertion points). I don't want to just add another section above with text--it sets the text too far away from the gallery image ("Photography Services...etc" should have roughly the same top-padding as the other two sections have with their images). I'm trying to use .prepend but I can't get the script right. Nothing shows up and I'm not sure what the best selector is to use. Does data-section-id work with .prepend because this would be the easiest method, I think. Let me know what info you need from me to help you help me (haha) Thanks!
  12. Ok--so the level of broken is steadily getting worse. As I mentioned in my original post, these links worked completely in the beginning, then somewhat, then not at all. I have submitted all my info to Matterport again. This sounds like a significant bug in their software...which is unfortunate for me bc they told me before if they determine the issue to be caused by a bug, I'm basically SOL 😞
  13. Hi Paul--thank you for responding! When you say the link doesn't work, what happens for you?
  14. Site URL: https://www.spacescan3d.com/ Hi everyone, I'm not very well equipped to explain this issue. I'll give my explanation and then the email response from Dree at Squarespace. Thank you all in advance: I embedded a virtual tour from my Matterport account on my Squarespace site home page (Linked above). The virtual tour has two "mattertags" inside it (one out the front door and one on the back deck). These tags have deep links that should link the user to a second virtual tour. They work in my Matterport account and in a browser with the share-link, sort of. They worked perfectly when I created them--the backyard link would take you to the back side of the second location and the front walkway link would take you to the front side of the second location. Now all links just take you to the first position of the second location: (https://my.matterport.com/show/?m=kik9SeKPF6f). They don't work on Squarespace at all. Both Matterport and Squarespace directed me to the other company but Squarespace did a little extra digging for me (thank you Dree) and sent me the following email that I hope will explain the situation better: After investigating further I was able to find that the tour you've installed isn't loading the link included within the tour regardless of the Squarespace site that it is loaded on. There are no specific elements or other code that I can locate in your site that would be conflicting with the tour, and it looks like the issue is due to the specific link that is set up in the code for the tour. When I locate the link, it directs here:https://my.matterport.com/show/?m=752mTx7kamx&cloudEdit=1&sr=-2.95%2C.58&ss=1&qs=1 Here's a short video showing where I found that:Locating link within Matterport tour (video) If I view that link on a separate browser that isn't connected to Squarespace, I can see that it doesn't load as well. As we discussed in chat, we can't help troubleshoot code, and since the code used to add the tour is built through iFrame, we'd be unable to see how the specific link is set up. Since Matterport built and manages the tour widget, they will need to help to locate why that specific link isn't working. I've copied that code here for more context: I recognize that this may not be the answer that you were looking for, but I hope this helps to pinpoint the issue a bit further. I've linked to Matterport's support here just in case you need it:https://support.matterport.com/s/contactsupport?language=en_US If Matterport still tries to direct you back to Squarespace, please note that our troubleshooting code is out of Squarespace's scope of support, so I would recommend posting your issue into our Squarespace forum here: forum.squarespace.com The experts in our forum can take a look at your specific issue and they may be able to help to see how it is interacting with Squarespace's code. I'm at a loss here and Matterport is not being helpful, so far, at all. Please, if you can, help me!
  15. One last thing--do you by any chance hire out to do things like this? The more I dig into he more I'm afraid I don't know enough to implement it myself (I tried 99 Designs and I was not convinced that I would find someone with the right skill set). Or is there someone you can recommend?
  16. Woops misunderstood your first part about local storage, disregard question about workarounds. I will look into all of this thank you
  17. Omg yes you got it! That is exactly what I need to do, thank you! There is more but this is plenty to get started--Thank you Thank Thank you! Have you heard of any workarounds with code injection or code blocks if this isn't the way to go?
  18. Site URL: https://www.spacescan3d.com/create-your-virtual-tour/p/style-01-36t23 Hi everyone. I have seen a couple of very similar requests (I think) on here and @creedon has been successful in nearly all of them. I have a commerce site and I've been attempting to make it do some things that it almost does on it's own but not quite. The first, for now, is that when the "add to cart" button (which I have customized to be "Add to Quote and Continue"), aside from adding the item to the cart, needs to (I want it to) return the user to the products page (link back to https://www.spacescan3d.com/create-your-virtual-tour ) and replace the image of the item that was selected with another (to indicate that it has already been chosen). Two things: 1.) I know enough about code to know how to explain what I want and how to follow directions...that's it though. 2.) If I posted this incorrectly, I'm sorry--please direct me to the proper location--and thank you all in advance for any suggestions you can give me!
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