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  1. This should do the trick for the Form Block background: .form-block { /* block background color */ background-color: #000000; /* text color */ color: #ffffff; } The Submit button will also change color when you do this, so you can add the additional code below, if you want to modify the Submit button too: .form-wrapper input[type="submit"] { background-color: #fff000; } Hope it helps!
  2. Hey all! While we don't offer Universal Analytics as part of our official Google Analytics integration, it has been possible to use Universal Analytics with your Squarespace site since it came out of beta. We have a section in our Google Analytics guide which details the steps you need to take in order to use Universal Analytics with your Squarespace site. You just need to copy/paste the code provided by Google into the Header Injection area of your site manager, and remove the standard Google Analytics Account Number (if you had one added). Everything is explained here if you want to take a look: Using Google Analytics with Squarespace Hope this helps!
  3. Yes, there’s a couple of good ones here: The Estate Office Shoreditch by The Park Realty, Conrad Rygier. Hope this helps!
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