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  1. Thanks so much @Ziggy, that works fine. I left the setting to allow for multiple to be expanded at once. It does mean the problem doesn't 100% go away, but giving the accordion more space to expand into has significantly reduced the issue. So thanks for that! Thanks @Lesum too! You guys rock.
  2. Thanks @Lesum I don't see 'List' as a block I can add, so I'm guessing I need to use a Code block and need to know how to write the HTML to create the list, and then style it using CSS? Are you able to help with either/both list building and styling, please?!
  3. Hi! Thank you - I just edited the original post in this thread with the live URL. Is that the right one or do you need the unique editing URL @Lesum ?
  4. Hi guys, Hoping someone might be able to help me resolve this one please!? Site URL is: https://fionagallagherathlete.com On the 'Racing & Results' page, when viewing at desktop, there's a blue shape on the left behind a list of three 'Best Splits'. On the right of the same section there's an Accordion showing Best Results of the last three years. Frustratingly, when you expand more than the top item of the accordion, the shape on the left stretches unnecessarily, as the right section gets taller. I've attached a screenshot which might help explain it. What I want to do is prevent that shape from expanding when all accordion items are expanded. PW for site is: noodle10
  5. Are you able to help me customise the submit button colour please? I haven't been able to do it by adding background-colour attributes to your list above.... Site is live at https://joeblogsdigital.com Thanks in advance. 😬
  6. Amazing, thank you! Works perfectly. Thanks so much for your help.
  7. Fantastic, that did it! Thanks - I should have thought of that. 😂 Thanks so much for your help.
  8. Thank you for your response - unfortunately it didn't work! 😞
  9. Site URL: https://carnation-tangerine-dd9n.squarespace.com/ I've created square images of a green block with rounded radius corners, and I've added them to a 'Headline' section and chosen the 'Card' layout option. Then instead of using original image, I'm styling the image with a shape, which controls how it's displayed (in a long paralellagram shape with 2:3 ratio). Annoyingly though the layout is placing a grey line top and bottom, which I can't remove even by uploading a PNG with a transparent background, which suggests it's baked into the layout i've chosen. Is there a way to hide this background, please? Attached a screenshot of what I mean. See line above and below the green block image.
  10. Thanks so much! That works perfectly. Can you help me identify the class I need to target to style the footer icons the same way please?!
  11. Hello again, thank you for your help with this so far. I am almost there. All I need to do now is work out why ?colour=white is not styling my SVGs.I need the header and footer icons to display in white, and the mobile menu to display in black (which it is correctly doing as my SVGs are black-fill by default - so nothing needed there).
  12. It works perfectly! Thank you. I've now created my own SVG files for these icons, and have worked out how to save them to the file manager in Squarespace. My question is how do i find the full URL of my SVG, so I can place it in the CSS instead of the iconify icon?!
  13. Hoping someone can help me with the correct CSS for targeting the social icons displayed in the mobile menu so I can show custom icons instead of the 'link' symbol for unsupported social links. I'm using PNGs rather than SVGs, so have had to create different files for each use on the site (different line colours, backgrounds, transparents, etc). I've gone too far down this road to revert to styling one SVG for all use cases on the site. I've successfully done this for header social icons and for footer icons, but can't figure out how to target mobile menu icons. Here's a screenshot of what I'm trying to fix:
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