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  1. Hi there, @Unlikely_IT We appreciate you taking the time to write this post and your knowledge of the product 🙂 I just wanted to clarify some things regarding how secure MemberSpace is. Our standard page protection is considered 'light' security, as mentioned in our MemberSpace Security Helpdoc and throughout our backend, which is why we recommend everyone to use our page blackout and/or Content Links for their videos or any other type of content: https://help.memberspace.com/article/70-is-memberspace-secure Content Links are true server-side security and cannot be accessed
  2. @Stereoknob @roattw 👋 Hi there, Ward from MemberSpace here. Please, checkout MemberSpace. We're a third-party tool that offers complementary services to fit more complex membership site needs, like yours! We offer a content dripping feature, unlimited secure video protection, unlimited # of plans, abandoned sign up recovery, analytics and more. Also, not to brag but our customer support is incredible! You can read some of our Trustpilot reviews here 🙂 Let me know if you have any questions and I'll be happy to help!
  3. 👋 Hi @LachyNicolson! Ward, from MemberSpace here. Have you checked out MemberSpace? We're a third-party tool that integrates with SquareSpace and offers complementary services to fit more complex membership site needs. With MemberSpace, you could easily set up what you mentioned! We allow you too manually pre-approve your members, host your own community and we also we integrate with Zapier! MemberSpace is developed for non-developers 😉 and super user-friendly. Please, let me know if you have any questions.
  4. Hi @AndyWilson23 If you already have an existing membership, you will have to do a 'manual migration' to your new Squarespace Member Areas. It doesn't mean you will lose their information, but you will have to ask all your members to subscribe back again to your site. You can't do this for them; they will have to do this themselves! Which is your current provider? How are you processing your payments?
  5. 👋 Hi there, everyone! This can be easily done using Squarespace + MemberSpace. You can find more information about it here. Let me know if you have any questions!
  6. Hi there, Ward from MemberSpace here! Really like what you're doing over at Well Room! 👌 When you say you want to redirect your individual users to an external site, do you mean each one to a different URL, like a customized plan for each member? Or do you mean by the plan you create? Because you can certainly do that using MemberSpace. You can choose your member's Sign Up, Login and Exit URL by Member plan. Also, you could do a mass upload of Members, and we provide a free migration service! Why don't you join us during our next Office Hours so we can better discuss your
  7. Hi there, Carolyne! Ward from MemberSpace here. You can 100% create a one-time coupon for your members using MemberSpace. Creating and using coupons is easy both for you and your members. We have a pretty intuitive section for it. When creating a coupon, you'll select if you'd like to apply this coupon either for a recurring or one-time payment plans, and select the # of redemptions assigned to each coupon, If you set the redemptions to 1, then the coupon can only be exchanged once per user. You can either send this coupon by email to your customers or place the code where
  8. Hi there, Ward from MemberSpace, I'm not sure if you resolved this but you can certainly manually approve your members using MemberSpace, you can check more information about our product here! Let me know if you have any questions 🙂
  9. Hi there! 😀 Ward, from MemberSpace here.Right now, you cannot do that using Member Areas. Access is granted as soon as they join.Have you checked out MemberSpace? We're a third-party tool that offers complementary services to fit more complex membership site needs. With MemberSpace, you have manually pre-approve your members. Whenever anyone tries to join a Member Plan you offer, they will be shown a message you choose until you manually approve them. Also, with MemberSpace, you have the chance of customizing your sign-up fields to anything you want. MemberSpace is developed for non-devel
  10. 👋 Hey there, Katie! Ward from MemberSpace here. If some of your members plans need to grant access to the same content, you will have to duplicate it and place it under each member plan/categories. Unfortunately, this also means that you will need to go over each one of your pages if you need to update anything there. With MemberSpace, you don't have to duplicate or create different pages for each member plan you create. You can include page access for multiple plans at once with just a few clicks when creating plans. This can save you a lot of time when updating and maintaining yo
  11. 👋 Hi there @magnushovik! Ward, from memberSpace here! Currently, there's not a great way to do that using Member Areas. But you could easily customize/translate the wording your members see using MemberSpace. Similarly to Member Areas, you can also change things like your default currency and your timezone. MemberSpace is a third-party tool that offers complementary services to MA, and flexibility when creating your plans and/or protecting your content. I think you might find our feature comparison helpful. Also, please check the following link to learn more about a different
  12. 👋 Hi Katie, Ward from MemberSpace here! Unfortunately, Member Areas doesn't have a migration service right now, so I believe that will have to be a manual process for your existing customers. We're sorry to hear you want to leave MemberSpace! Please visit our website ro review all MemberSpace complimentary services. If you don't mind, I would love to know more about the challenges you facing with MemberSpace right now and why did you decide to switch platforms. Hearing your feedback is very important to us and will help us i
  13. 👋 Hi there, Kosterhusen team! I think MemberSpace could be a great fit for what you're trying to set up. We're a third-party tool that offers complementary services to fit more complex membership site needs. MemberSpace is super easy to use, developed for non-developers 😉 and user-friendly. To start, if you need to import members in mass (more than 10), our support team will be happy to help out. Just contact us at support@memberspace.com. You can more find information about the process here. Also, with MemberSpace, you can create free or paid member plans tier
  14. 👋Hi there, @Stereoknob. Ward from MemberSpace here. MemberSpace is a third-party tool that offers a lot of flexibility when creating your plans and protecting your content. We go the extra mile to secure videos, and we offer Content Links. To create a course feature as you mention, we offer content dripping both for member pages and content links. Let me know if you have questions, and for more info, please visit our website!
  15. 👋Hi there, everyone! Ward from MemberSpace here. You can definitely do this using MemberSpace. This way you can simply lock access to any page of your website then choose what people pay to get in. Using MemberSpace, you can create memberships for anything you want like courses, video tutorials, member directories, and more while having 100% control over the look & feel. To protect your videos, we offer Content Links. They are 100% optional, but they are the most secure way to protect the content on your Member Pages such as images, PDFs, videos, mp3s, documents, and even HTML. Le
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