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  1. @meganheath Hi Megan, very cool... and you are right about the section heigh setting and it works now. I learned so much from you. Thanks so much for helping me!! Susi
  2. @meganheath You are truly awesome. Thanks so much. I loved learning how to find the ID blocks. Super cool video. Thank you. Definitely saving that one. The homepage quotation mark seems to downsize much smaller now, not sure why. The code seems to be the same as before... I don't mind it.. just weird how it differs to the other pages. So I tried my luck at adding new code for the "view my full portfolio here" under the gallery reels on other pages to also get closer to the gallery... but it doesn't seem to work. Did I use the wrong IDs? Check out my lovely coding for those.. hehe /*Reduce bottom padding on Gallery Reel on Brands Page*/ [data-section-id="61ec30b033379463d567ed22"].gallery-reel[data-width="full"]{ padding-bottom:10px; } /*Reduce bottom padding on Gallery Reel on Books page*/ [data-section-id="619a6e8f77743644fdf97fe3"].gallery-reel[data-width="full"]{ padding-bottom:10px; } /*Reduce bottom padding on Gallery Reel on Journals page*/ [data-section-id="61ec6689833da51564c1a64c"].gallery-reel[data-width="full"]{ padding-bottom:10px; }
  3. @meganheath Hi Megan, I am about to lose my mind trying to find the block IDs. haha If you can give me a tip of how to find them easily in Squarespace (if that's a thing) let me know but I went through developer mode on my browser and it was impossible for me to find the right ones. Here are the pages that have the pink quotation marks: https://www.creativeblueprintdesign.com/brands https://www.creativeblueprintdesign.com/journals https://www.creativeblueprintdesign.com/books https://www.creativeblueprintdesign.com/portfolio-1 The Books and Journal page also have the "portfolio" phrase that has too much padding below like it was on the home page before as well that you gave me code for as well. Again thank you so much. I truly appreciate it! Susi
  4. @meganheath Hi Megan! I kinda thought so too and need to figure out how to find those IDs but I have an idea and will give it a try by using developer mode with split screen to find those Block IDs. Thank you. Do I repeat that block of code with the next ID number, or do I add commas? I am sure I can figure it out somehow. And OH that's another great tip to use the Carousel. I will definitely give that a try as well. You are the best and I'll keep you posted. Thanks so much again. I'd love to connect with you on Instagram to stay in touch if you'd like. Lmk.
  5. Hi @tuanphan. Thanks for replying. It's the same image on all those pages, this pink big quotation mark. Let me paste it here. You can see that it's already working on the homepage. Now I just need it to resize on the other pages as well. I figure I need to add the image block IDs or something to the CSS code that is working for the homepage, I just don't know how to add it or where to find the image IDs Thanks, Susi
  6. Site URL: https://www.creativeblueprintdesign.com/brands Hi, I added Custom CSS Code (thanks to someone awesome here) to my SquareSpace CSS code under Home > Design > Custom CSS and the quotation mark size on my homepage (https://www.creativeblueprintdesign.com/home-1) is now PERFECT when being viewed on mobile and not too large. However, I have the same situation on multiple pages, like on the brands page, journals, books and new portfolio page https://www.creativeblueprintdesign.com/brands https://www.creativeblueprintdesign.com/journals https://www.creativeblueprintdesign.com/books https://www.creativeblueprintdesign.com/portfolio-1 What do I have to add to my CSS code to also make sure those quotation marks resize the same as the one on the homepage? I believe it has to do with the block IDs but I am not sure how to add more to the code properly or how to find them on those pages. Also, will those ID block numbers change, if I move the quote up or down on the page? Also, I hope I even added the CSS code to the right place on SquareSpace but it worked. Another smaller issue that I need help with is that on the Home-1 page, the brands, and book design page, under the portfolio reels, the text "View my full Portfolio here" is just so far away from it and I would love for it to be closer to it. This will become a link in the future. Please ignore the general styling, as the right fonts have not been applied yet while I am working on the site. Thank you, Susi
  7. @meganheath You are a genius!! I just added it to my Squarespace CSS code under HomePage > Design > Custom CSS and the picture of myself and the quotation mark on the homepage are PERFECT now on mobile too. I hope that was the right place to add it and if you have a suggestion where it should go otherwise, please let me know. But it worked!!!! Thank you so much. I was hoping it would resize the same quotation mark on my sub pages as well (none of them that use it are linked yet on my home page, but here's one for example www.creativeblueprintdesign.com/books I can't figure out in the code, what I would have to do to make that a site-wide change. Do you know how? The padding under the portfolio didn't seem to change much, but that was the least of my concerns. I am SOO happy about the smaller quotation mark and having the picture of myself smaller. I truly appreciate it! Thank you! Susi
  8. @meganheath Hi Megan. Thank you so much! I'll give it a try. Do I need to change any of the wording or is it all ready to go? It's been a while since I coded anything. Thanks, Susi
  9. Site URL: https://www.creativeblueprintdesign.com/home-1 Hi, I am struggling with a few things on this page. While it's still not finished and the right fonts haven't been applied yet, the pink quotation mark picture, half way down and my picture (the one in the circle higher up) are appearing gigantic on mobile view. I'd love for them to be smaller on mobile view just like they are on desktop view. Any help is much appreciated. The pink quotation mark is just gigantic on mobile. You can see how my face is gigantic on mobile. I'd like it to be smaller in this area on mobile. Also, I don't know how to change the "View my full portfolio here" right above the pink quotation mark to be closer to the slideshow to not have so much space above it. There is especially a lot of space above it on desktop view. On mobile it's better but then the pink quotation mark is too close. In this case, I don't know how to add text right below the reel and opted to add a new section below which creates that space even at the "Smallest" section height setting. Any thoughts are much appreciated. In this picture you can see how there is so much space below the reel and I'd like it to sit closer to the reel and further away from the quotation marks. While spacers work to get more space above the quotation mark on desktop, it won't work on mobile, but ultimately, I am still not getting the "view my full portfolio" closer to the reel. Thanks, Susi
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