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  1. Hi @Creedon - Is it possible to have the code automatically applied to ALL blog pages? I have a set up where I have ~10 Blogs on a site and would like it so that this scenario is the default for all of those blog pages. URL to one of the blogs, where I have sucessfully installed your code and it is working great: https://marlow-concept-local-foreigner.squarespace.com/venues-rome PW: lf23
  2. Yes that's correct! It automatically is set up this way with the summary block of blog items on the bottom of the home page, but on the blog page, it just lightboxes the image and doesn't take you to the article when you click (unless you select open in new tab). Strange!
  3. Does anyone else have this problem? I have a summary block on a Blog Page displaying blog posts, and on clicking the featured image, the image is lightboxed rather than going to the blog post URL. However when you open link in new tab, then it goes to the article. Oddly enough, I have a similar summary block on the Home Page (at the bottom) where the image links to the relevant article perfectly fine. Any ideas on what is going wrong? Ideally I'd like the featured images to link straight to the article and be able to remove the "Read More" links. Thanks!
  4. Hi there, This works beautifully! However as others have mentioned it creates an infinite scrolling effect where the page does not end at the footer. Do you know how to fix this? Thank you!
  5. Thank you so much @tuanphan! URL:https://gng-concept-marlow-v3.squarespace.com/ PW:gngp22 Is there a way for you to check without me removing all the code? I have removed the code that I tried for this particular issue.
  6. Hi @Beyondspace, I just came across this thread and am experiencing the exact same issue. I tried the code you provided but it didn't work for me, is there any chance you would be able to take a look?
  7. Hi @tuanphan, is there any chance you have the answer for this? Thank you!!
  8. Hi @tuanphan, here is the site: URL: https://marlow-concept-pottinger.squarespace.com/ PW: pottinger22 Thank you!
  9. Hi there, I'm wondering if anyone knows of a way to animate or change the behaviour of an archive block so that when clicking the drop down, instead of the list items instantly appearing, the list drops down smoothly? Or just any way for it to look less harsh. Thank you!
  10. Site URL: https://marlow-concept-zach-naum.squarespace.com/ Hi there I've added a video block and am trying to set it to fill a section of a "grid" layout. It looks fine on desktop but on a smaller screen a gap appears below the video. See attached with the gap (laptop screen) v no gap (monitor). I've made sure there is no caption/description below the video... maybe it is a placeholder space for this? Please note that I've used FluidEngine for this! As it's easier to work this layout than on the regular editor. @tuanphan maybe you could assist? Password is willow123 Thank you! Sanice
  11. Thanks @creedon, I had done that, but I've just realised what the problem was. I had a spacer block adjacent to the code block which stopped it from working – removing the spacer block fixes the issue. Thank you again!
  12. Hi @creedon, firstly thanks so much for providing this solution, it's been insanely helpful. I was wondering if the code is meant to work for multiple sections on one page? If you add the code block at the top of each section that is. I can't see to get it to work on more than the first section. Thank you!
  13. Just renewed it 🙂
  14. Thank you @bangank36, that worked! Sorry to be a pain, but if I wanted to move this the text block to the exact opposite side of the screen (far right), what would the edit to the code be? Also, is there any way to have multiple stacked elements sticky in the same way? E.g. If I had a text block AND search block underneath. Thank you!
  15. Whoops! Password: Willow123
  16. Site URL: https://marlow-concept-zach-naum.squarespace.com/optical-frames Hi there, I'm wondering if anyone can help me make a text block on the side of a page sticky? I have this block on the left side of the page which is functioning as a navigation bar with links to the text. I've styled the text block using CSS, and I would like to add CSS to make it sticky so that it stays in place as you scroll down the page. I've read quite a lot on how to do this (targeting the block then adding position: stick etc) but for some reason nothing I try seems to be working. Any help would be much appreciated!
  17. Okay so this is what ended up working to remove the overlap on the two logos: /* Change logo on scroll */ .shrink .header-title-logo img { visibility: hidden; transition: all 0s; } .shrink .header-title-logo a { background-image: url([insert]); background-size: contain; background-repeat: no-repeat; background-position: center center; transition: all 0.3s; } Just had to remove the first transition. Thank you @tuanphan!
  18. Wow, this looks so much better, thank you! I really like how it slides in from the side. Do you think it's possibly to make it so that the full logo disappears straight away? Right now the replacement logo (hallmark) slides across the full logo, but it would be great if the first logo disappeared sooner so there wasn't as much overlap. Thank you!
  19. Hi @tuanphan, thank you for posting the solution, it works great. I was wondering if you knew how to make the transition to the second logo more smooth? More like fade-in or similar. So that the image doesn't instantly just swap out. Thanks for your help.
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