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  1. @Arkaitx, follow instructions from @creedon. I followed his instructions - he's fabulous! If it helps, here is the summary I wrote for myself of what I did (following his instructions) in case I needed to redo it on another website etc. If this doesn't do what you need, then tag Creedon. Good luck! Moved price down on the product detail page: Shop page - Settings - Advanced - Custom code - copied 3 sets of code from here https://github.com/tomsWebConsulting/twcsl/tree/main/v7.1/Store Product Details Reorder Desktop#store-product-details-reorder-desktop, and in this order: Natural Order, Display Flex, and Reorder - and then change the numerical sequence in the Reorder section. My help request, followed by his response. https://forum.squarespace.com/topic/163909-moving-add-to-cart-button/?do=findComment&comment=524798 Getting it fixed on mobile….posted to that thread on 5/25/2022 Solution - removed ( min-width : 768px ) from the Reorder section.
  2. @creedon thanks again - you've given me some good options to consider. And thanks for finding and linking the wayback post. 🙂 I may wind up using different options at different times, depending on how long the suspension needs to be. 👍
  3. @creedon, would I put the above code before or after these 3 sections? store product details natural order desktop store product details display flex desktop store product details reorder desktop
  4. @smichaelh, how did your customers react to this? I can see the value for both customer and seller with this approach. @smichaelh or @creedon, is the money charged to the customer's account immediately upon purchase - I'm thinking it is? I.e., I'm wondering if there will be, say, a 3 week delay, if the customer would be paying up to a month before actual shipment, which might be disagreeable.
  5. That worked! You're the best, @creedon, thanks! (Sorry for the slow response; I was away.)
  6. (This became a long post, so I highlighted questions in bold.) Like any small shop, there will be times that I'll need to suspend ordering. There is an old thread that is locked on this topic. I've also looked at the SS help page, which had a chart about the SEO visibility (https://support.squarespace.com/hc/en-us/articles/360022365512). It seems the various options - making it private again, adding passwords, etc. - all have a negative SEO impact in that those pages become no longer visible to SEO. Am I interpreting that correctly? Does that mean that the site 'loses ranking' (at whatever rate that occurs) during the time it's not visible? Ideal solution - able to prevent orders without restructuring the site. It would be ideal for users to be able to browse (so they can be thinking about what they want to buy) but not be able to Add to Cart. I.e., the button is either disabled with a custom message above it, or clicking the button results in a custom message that the shop isn't taking orders for x days and doesn't add the item to the cart. Is there an elegant solution for this? Poor solution - try to catch the user's attention with loud banners, to inform them of delays, but don't prevent ordering There doesn't seem to be a way to customize the checkout page with text, e.g., to add a loud banner stating delays in fulfilling orders. There is no easy way to add a loud banner on all product pages at once, stating delays. I could move the Store to Not Linked, but some products are featured or linked in other parts of the site, so that's not a good option because they can still go directly to products and order. Since galleries are structurally different from Stores, I doubt there's an easy way to move products from a store to a gallery without losing a bunch of info that would have to be re-entered when they're moved back to the store, right? Adding a text block above the shop header doesn't help, in that there are various links published that go directly to specific product pages. Is there a way to implement even this inelegant solution? 302 redirect? I read the help page on this https://support.squarespace.com/hc/en-us/articles/205815308-URL-redirects The scenario I'm thinking of is: Create a temporary page that's labeled Shop at the top, states that it's temporarily closed and when to check back, and has a few pictures on it for interest. But it's just a static page, goes nowhere. Any time I need to suspend, 302 redirect the mydomain.com/shop to mydomain.com/fakeshop When the suspension is over, delete the 302 Pros Relatively simple to add and delete a 302 Maintains SEO ranking - correct? Cons Would need to update images on the fake shop from time to time/no big deal Customers can't see available products during the suspension Anything else? Questions When I redirect /shop to /fakeshop, are all the products under /shop also inaccessible? If a product highlight is on my home page and a user clicks it, will they still go to the product page and be able to buy even though /shop is redirected? (I'm following the standard URL format, e.g., all products are mydomain.com/shop/p/productname.) If not, where would they go - hopefully not a 404? Would I have to 302 redirect each individual product page? Any suggested time limits on how long a 302 can be in place without a negative impact? I.e., can it be in place for a month? Other solution Is there another solution I've missed? Thanks for any and all suggestions and help!
  7. Here ya go. Price is below description on desktop, but above the description on mobile. https://www.sarahyoungart.com/shop/p/hidden-stream-at-graveyard-fields
  8. @creedon Hi - following up from your help back in January. I looked at my website on my phone this week and noticed that on the desktop, the price shows below the description, which is what I wanted. But on mobile, it still shows above the description. Is there additional code to re-order these elements for mobile? I already have installed, in this order: store product details natural order desktop store product details display flex desktop store product details reorder desktop Thanks for any help!
  9. Hi, I've integrated captcha with both newsletter opt in and a Contact form and it works. I personally despise the "pick all the stoplights" image type challenges that captcha does. Is there a way to change this captcha on my site so that it's a simple checkbox, or is that out of my control? I looked in the google captcha help files and forum and couldn't figure it out (I'm not a coder). It seemed to say that google would decide whether to issue an image challenge when the box is checked, but I'm not really sure. Bottom line is - I want this to be easier for my users. Thanks for any help.
  10. @paul2009 thank you so much - very clear and very helpful!
  11. I tried searching for this. While I'm aware of the 'abandoned cart' emails that can be sent, my question isn't about that. I'm wanting to know - can a customer leave items in the cart indefinitely, tying up inventory? Or does Squarespace clear it out after some time? Or can a second customer add the same item (where inventory=1) and buy it out from under the first customer who is sitting on it in the cart? I'm an artist selling original artwork, so that's why I'm concerned. I looked but haven't seen any settings to manage this. Does this setting exist, or is it handled automatically?
  12. @creedon, it seems to be working perfectly! Thanks so much!
  13. @creedon, I want to reorder the elements on the product detail page, e.g., move the price to just above the buy button. I've never tried any of the custom code. When I click your link, it then refers me to two other links in a chain: Store Product Details Reorder Desktop Store Product Details Display Flex Desktop Store Product Details Natural Order Desktop If I just want to rearrange the order, do I need all of 3 of these? If so, in what order do I add these 3 sets of code to the store page - Natural Order, then Display Flex, then Reorder? Thank you.
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