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    RGCreative got a reaction from tuanphan in 7.1 Different portfolio layouts for desktop and mobile   
    @tuanphan Hello! Yes, all resolved. Really happy with it. Thanks!
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    RGCreative reacted to Web_Solutions in Product Detail Page Adding Lines & Changing Image Controls   
    Add these code on Custom CSS panel in Website > Utilities > Website Tools > Custom CSS.
    .view-item .products { border-top: 1px solid #000; border-bottom: 1px solid #000; }  
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    RGCreative got a reaction from Ziggy in Vertically align header navigation with site logo   
    Hi @Ziggy

    Thanks so much for this - and apologies for the slow reply, I had to put this project down for a few weeks.

    The CSS has helped the positioning but it's not aligning perfectly. Ideally I'd like the navigation to align with 'aesthetics and beyond' in the logo.
    It also looks like navigation on the left is aligning differently to the social and button on the right.

    Is there a way of perhaps targeting the padding on the navigation, social and button that might help?
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    RGCreative reacted to Beyondspace in [Free Share] AutoPlay for Portfolio Collection Page   
    Hi friends,
    In some questions on forum, I find out that many members need to automatically change the background on the portfolio collection page (currently, client needs to hover the item to make background change). Today, I share my code to work around with this feature. So here we go:
    - Final result we approach:

    - Version: Squarespace 7.1
    - Requirement: Javascript code (you will need at least the business plan to run javascript).
    - Installation:
    1. Access: Home > Settings > Advanced > Code injection
    2. Add the following code on footer
    <!--beyondspace autoplay Hover Portfolio start--> <script> (function(){ window.addEventListener('load', () => { beyAutoPlayPortfolio(3000); // change the speed of transition }); })() function beyAutoPlayPortfolio(e){let t=document.querySelectorAll(".portfolio-hover-items-list > li");if(t.length>1){let o=new Event("mouseenter"),l=null,r=function(){let i=document.querySelector('.portfolio-hover-item[data-active="true"]').closest("li").nextElementSibling;i||(i=t[0]),i.querySelector("a").dispatchEvent(o),l=setTimeout(r,e)};r(),t.forEach(e=>{e.querySelector("a").addEventListener("mouseenter",function(e){e.isTrusted&&clearTimeout(l)}),e.querySelector("a").addEventListener("mouseleave",function(e){e.isTrusted&&r()})})}} </script> <!--beyondspace autoplay Hover Portfolio end--> 3. Check your result
    Hope it can help
    Support me by some comments or pressing 👍 if this useful for you
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    RGCreative reacted to Beyondspace in Remove padding from homepage image   
    Is it the result you want to achieve?

    Try adding to Home > Design > Custom Css
    section[data-section-id="607fd33cbb54e72b94d317f8"] .content-wrapper { padding-top: 0 !important; } Let me know how it works on your site
    Support me by pressing 👍 if this useful for you
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