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  1. I understand, but WHY? why are international customers paying the same if not more for a platform that isn't providing the same or more functionality as US client receive. I can't sell this to clients who want to use Squarespace E-commerce because the platform just isn't progressive in technical functions and integrations for E-commerce. Maybe EU clients are paying for US clients services it's not ideal. How do you explain to a client who's paid the money themselves, that they can't do what's being marketed online etc by Squarespace. I'll have to break the bad news to the client just it wasn't me who sold them Squarespace services.
  2. Amazon UK Affiliate blocks.😲 I am very surprised to learn that AMAZON UK Affiliates code blocks "cannot" be used or imbedded into a Squarespace website yet my client pays a Business subscription for her Squarespace E-commerce website. Why is this not possible given UK Squarespace subscribers pay the same if not more for their Squarespace product and cannot expand their E-commerce beyond what is *ONLY available for US users. It's unfair, not flexible and unacceptable that Squarespace subscribers by region are being prevented from using the tools others in the United States are able to use. A completely unbalanced website service platform. Searching the Squarespace forum for answers to this returns only 2-3 previous comments but the marketing of Squarespace services says nothing about what they DON'T PROVIDE. Has anyone else tried to use Amazon UK Affiliate code blocks is there any progress from Squarespace developers in actually implementing this for Amazon UK and others. I have advised my clients using Squarespace to migrate to other platforms as this isn't ideal for expanding their websites using long term revenue generating projects. Cheers.
  3. I use this to hide a Product at the end of the date/time specified with the Product given enclosed with DIV = <div class="houdini" style="display:none"> <p>content for div #one</p> </div> <script> window.setInterval(function() { var current = new Date(); var expiry = new Date("September 22, 2022 12:32:00") if (current.getTime() > expiry.getTime()) { $('.houdini').hide(); } else if (current.getTime() < expiry.getTime()) { $('.houdini').show(); } }, 0); </script>
  4. I custom build completely with WordPress, WooCommerce etc the functionality, flexibility and customisation with WordPress is superior.
  5. They would need this custom developed for their specific function using Javascript.
  6. Hi, ok that's great can we see a photo or link to website to see it working. 🙂
  7. What code are you using? on what website I got it to work on mobile.
  8. I think the credibility of Squarespace is going down and this another example of totally bad practices on their hosting server side. Technically I doubt SQ support have real core knowledge and seriously lack key talents. What another fine mess Squarespace has got itself into.
  9. More Squarespace rubbish performance! what's the point in having Instagram blocks that DO NOT UPDATE! and why aren't these issues and others fixed sooner.
  10. I USE WORDPRESS END OF STORY. You pay a lot for Squarespace and it lacks so much basic functionality and design ability. NO FTP or Image file access to manage is totally unworkable.
  11. For the high cost of Squarespace service I'd say this ridiculous service isn't up to scratch and not worth the hassle or money. Somethings work somethings don't work and always speed is becoming a real issue. WordPress hosted on a good platform is so much better.
  12. I just found this code and made it mobile responsive 🙂 with some other mods all working really nice.
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