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  1. Hey Caroline! I've been traveling and I'm now just seeing this. Unfortunately this doesn't seem to be an option on 7.0...wish this was the case because I've done it a million times for other clients but this is my first 7.0 edit! It's a whole different ballgame it seems. Thanks for chiming in to help! 🙂 D
  2. Hi there! I'm trying to increase the size of this image and center on mobile. The website is on Squarespace 7.0 - Brine. Am I headed in the right direction with the code below? If I increase the width to 325%, it makes the background full-height, but it adds a scroll bar to the right, and the image is offset. Ideally, I'd like to have the background to be full-height and centered with the people in the image showing. Thank you! Dana
  3. Never mind, I figured it out 🙂 Just took out the footer and placed the social icons on the body block...duh! Thank you again!
  4. Hi Tuan, Not quite. I'd like for the background to extend towards the footer, or find any way to superimpose the social icons over the bottom of the background. Is there a way to achieve this in 7.0? Thank you! Dana
  5. Hi there! I have a client using Mad Mimi for their email marketing campaigns. This will be my first time integrating some form of email marketing into a website. If I'm understanding correctly, you can create a blog on Squarespace that can automatically be posted to your email marketing platform of choice (Mailchimp, Convertkit, etc.) and in turn sent out as an email to your mailing list. This is a two-part question: Is there a way to do the opposite? Create a marketing campaign (on Mad Mimi in this case) and have it post to the blog on your website? There are about 60 email marketing emails in their Mad Mimi account, which have already been previously sent out. Is there a way to integrate these into their website as "blog posts"? Or would these have to be copied-and-pasted manually? Ideally, the Mad Mimi marketing campaigns and blog posts on Squarespace are connected, if that makes sense. Thank you! Dana
  6. Hey @tuanphan! Thank you so much for your help and for responding. I was able to partially figure out how to show the full image, but I'm running into one final roadblock. How do I extend the image all the way down to the footer, so that the social icons "sit" on the base of the image? Here's what it looks like now: Thank you, Dana
  7. Hi there! This is my first time working on a client website on a Squarespace 7.0 template, and I'm having difficulty adding a full-bleed image background to only a specific page. I believe they are using the Brine template. Their existing home page has full-bleed images scrolling through. Now they only want one static image. Existing home page: https://www.preminievents.com/home To create the static image, I added a code under the Advanced settings, but the image is cut off. I'm also not sure if this is the most practical way to achieve this. Can you help? Code is blue below is what I added. The rest in black is existing code that I kept, to keep the page style. Quick glance: Brine 7.0 Squarespace Template Looking for: Static full-bleed background image (to cover header, body, and footer) for specific page only https://www.preminievents.com/home-copy-020623 PW: homecopy Image is currently uploaded but cut off (see attached) Client previously had scrolling images, now only wanting one static image Thank you so much! Dana
  8. Hi @bangank36, Thank you for your reply. I can't quite figure out how to plug this in properly. I'm trying to anchor this to a List. Can you advise further on the best way to make this work? Please see the attached photos. Thank you! This whole section is a list. I'm trying to anchor the link to "Our Process", which I cannot edit further in HTML.
  9. Is there a way to create an anchor link to a List section template? I don't see a way to add any code to the a List. Attached is a photo of the selected template. Thanks!
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