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  1. I only have two sites. The second one, www.danceforlife.info, I did from scratch. I was able to add a Tiktok icon just now in just two minutes. All menu driven. No custom code. The other site is www.laidug.com which someone else wrote and I now administer. Apparently, the person who created the site added custom code to get the social media icons to appear. Therefore if I want to add a You Tube icon, as I have been trying to do for a month now, I have to add more custom code. I know you are trying to help me, but I don't seem to be able to follow your instructions. Can I pay you or can you refer to to someone I can pay to clear out all the custom code and add the icons by menu? Then, if in the future, for instance, I need to add a Tiktok icon, I will be able to do it myself. Squarespace has a Hire an Expert section, but that appears to be for people who need whole sites written. The questions they ask on the referral form don't apply to my situation.
  2. I want to add a third column (picture at top with text underneath) to this page: https://www.danceforlife.info/team Can I do that to this section, or do I have to start over with a new section that is already formatted for three columns?
  3. I will do the Code Black if there is no other option, but Squarespace prides itself on being a non-code solution. Displaying social media icons in the footer of a website seems as though it would be a standard feature accomplished from a menu with just a few mouse clicks. In fact, I found a page called "Social Links" that appears to do that but it isn't operational on this site. I don't know, but I'm guessing that the person who wrote this site (before I took it over) added the Code Block unnecessarily. Can we delete the Code Block and have the social media icons appear easily and automatically using the "Social Links" page? Then if later on I need to add a fifth or sixth social media icon I can add it easily through the Social Links page rather than having to an an additional Code Block.
  4. I took over this site but didn't create it. I have no way to reach the person who created it. I did not add any custom code and I do not know how to do anything with code including disabling it. If the person who added custom code didn't need to do that, is there a way to clear it all out and use Squarespace's automatic procedures for enabling all of the social media icons -- the three that are already there and the fourth one I want to add?
  5. Instructions here: https://support.squarespace.com/hc/en-us/articles/205814598-Adding-social-icons?platform=v6&websiteId=601614085d14073e2248f02a Scroll down and see this: Open the Social links panel. Two files are attached: 1. the screen I get when I click on the link (above). 2. The screen I get after I click on the laidug site on the left. Originally only the first three were there. I added YouTube.
  6. On laidug.com, I added a YouTube icon to the three that are already there using the SS instructions and link within, but it does not show up. Usually, changes are immediate. Will this take longer or is there a problem? I can see the page by visiting youtube.com/@laidug directly.
  7. The navigation problem on the ladiug.com left-side menu is solved. Thank you. Now....... How do I add a left-side menu to a page on the danceforlife.info site? (I didn't build the laidug.com site so I don't know how it was done.) This might be TMI, but I need to add a "Past Events" menu item across the top that will take one to separate 2022 and 2023 pages, each of which will have a left-side menu for the various categories of info that will be on each year's page.
  8. Existing left side menu and menu across top: https://www.laidug.com/allevents Site where I want to add new pages with a left side menu: https://www.danceforlife.info/
  9. Left side menu: When I click on a year in the menu on the left side of the page it does not take one precisely to the corresponding year heading in the right column. For the years 2021 and below, it's close but not precise. For years 2022 and 2023, it's not even close. At a minimum, how can I get 2022 and 2023 to behave like the other years? And ideally, how can I make all years behave perfectly? Main menu across the top: Similar problem with years in the drop-down under "Events." Additionally, how can I add a left-side menu to other pages? (I didn't build the original site so I don't know how it was done.) On the site danceforlife.info, I need to add a "Past Events" menu item across the top that will take one to separate 2022 and 2023 pages, each of which will have a left-side menu for the various categories of info that will be on each year's page.
  10. homeboy

    Add Block

    On the site www.danceforlife.info, there are two people on the Team page. I want to add a third. I don't see anything in section controls to add a third column (picture and text). I can add a picture and separately add a text book underneath which almost looks right except that the space between the picture and the text doesn't match the first two. Plus that might not translate to mobile correctly. Thirdly, I thought I could duplicate one of the two existing blocks but I don't see how to do that.
  11. It took a while, a lot of reading, looking at videos, online help, but the problem has been solved.
  12. Site URL: http://laidug.com Past LAIDUG monthly meetings are summarized by year. I need to make space on the site for 2022 information. So far, I successfully added the January meeting to the Event summary page although it's not yet linked to meeting info. I had figured to duplicate the 2021 page, relink it, delete all but one meeting, then overwrite it with the January 20, 2022 meeting info. My problem is that I can't duplicate the 2021 page. When I click on the gear icon on the pages menu, there is no option to duplicate. And since what seems as though it would be so simple, isn't, I might as well also ask if I'll need some secret sauce to link up the duplicated 2021 page (rebranded as a 2022 page) in the same fashion that the other yearly pages are linked.
  13. Tuanphan: Thank you very much. Those solved my issues perfectly. But I have a question even though I guess I know the answer. It appears that to fix each of these issues, custom code was needed. There wasn't something in the controls that I missed. I guess I'm surprised that these required custom code—especially the first two—since those sort of spacing changes seem fairly basic. (But it is, what it is.) Thanks again.
  14. Well, on my desktop with a 24-inch monitor, I still have the burger. (See photo.) I cleared the cache; no difference. And I get burger nav even when I'm in SS edit mode and when I click on the arrow in the upper right to view the product. By the way, someone else set up this site originally not me. But on a site that I set up from scratch -- danceforlife.info -- I have conventional nav on desktop and burger nav on mobile.
  15. I agree with you on the mobile display, but I am talking about changing the desktop display. The mobile can (and should) stay hamburger.
  16. Site URL: http://danceforlife.info "2022 Event" page has three formatting and spacing questions. 1. How can I reduce the space between the paragraph of text at the top of the page and the headline "Performing Companies that follows it? See A. 2. In the second section, "Performing Companies," is it possible to increase the space between each row of companies (i.e., pictures and companies). See B. 3. Is it possible to move the seventh company to center position rather than flush left? See C.
  17. Site URL: http://laidug.com I'm taking over a site from someone else and I'm a novice. You're going to see me a lot here. Currently the desktop uses hamburger navigation rather than old style words. Is there a toggle somewhere to get it back to words?
  18. Tuanphan: You are correct. That is what should happen, but it doesn't. Click on Nov: takes you to November Click on Oct: takes you to November Click on Sep: takes you to September Click on Aug: takes you to August ...and so forth. The only one that doesn't work is Oct.
  19. Site URL: http://laidug.com I am a novice editing a site created by someone else. If you click on a meeting on this page http://www.laidug.com/allevents it takes you to another page with details on the meetings. Each year is a different page with anchors to the meetings held that year. I added the October 2021 and November 2021 meetings. I copied the coding from September and changed to Oct and Nov respectively. The November link works but the October one does not. I read that I'm suppose to use div rather than p, but I tried that and it still didn't work. Besides she used p and it works. What am I doing wrong?
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