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  1. Site URL: https://www.shirazanddaryan.com/products/p/test The link's color doesn't change in style setting, also it still stays the unwanted color when I change the website theme. It happened about years ago also and when I contact Squarespace support, they told us there is no way to fix it atm so we had to not use any hyperlink on the website. So anybody knows how can I change the link's color? bandicam 2021-10-13 14-03-22-423.mp4
  2. Is there any way to show the description when I click on a photo? The description shows in the default mode (image A) and it disappears when I click on the photo (image B) * the gallery mode is Grid: Simple
  3. Thanks, I did that and probably it needs time because I tried to verify again but still shows the error
  4. Site URL: https://www.shirazanddaryan.com/ The problem is that I want to connect google search console to my Squarespace website. I got the TXT record from google console. Then I added to Squarespace DNS setting. after 4 days, it still doesn't verify. Anyone knows where do I make the mistake?
  5. Really that simple! Wow! Thanks it works perfectly!
  6. Do you know how can I center caption in gallery masonry?
  7. Hello We are having the same issue. When the customer selects their street address from the dropdown Google menu, the whole address info disappears and it doesnt allow them to enter the address again. Please fix this issue! This has created a very awful customer experience for our clients! Best wishes, Zara from Shiraz and Daryan
  8. Hej, it's the new link https://www.shirazanddaryan.com/projects I just wanted to change size of these
  9. Does anybody know about this problem? It strange that Squarespace uses such a strange effect for changing the categories random font size ...
  10. Thanks, the code changes "A" but I want to change "B". I attached a screenshot
  11. Site URL: https://www.shirazanddaryan.com/blog-4 I just wanted to know how can I change the Category and Tags font size, I got some answer from another room but it doesn't work, like this: span.blog-categories-list * { font-size: 30px !important; }
  12. sorry, I don't understand it, do you know why the code doesn't work? Does anybody else know what is the problem? span.blog-categories-list * { font-size: 30px !important; }
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