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  1. My client's site has a pop-up box that was added with the code <script src=https://training.paraphrasecomm.com/forms/2147615164/embed.js></script> We recently upgraded the site to 7.1 and now the pop-up box is showing behind some elements on the home page. I tried several code options from ChatGBT which did not work like; <div id="custom-popup" style="position: fixed; z-index: 9999;"> <script src="https://training.paraphrasecomm.com/forms/2147615164/embed.js"></script> </div> and <script> // Create a new style element var customStyle = document.createElement('style'); // Set the style content with a high z-index customStyle.innerHTML = '#custom-popup { position: fixed; z-index: 9999; }'; // Append the style element to the head of the document document.head.appendChild(customStyle); </script> <div id="custom-popup"> <script src="https://training.paraphrasecomm.com/forms/2147615164/embed.js"></script> </div> anything else we can try?
  2. I have a site that has a dropdown menu. We recently upgraded the site to 7.1. The dropdown is showing as right aligned and the client would like it left aligned. Is there any way this could be done with code?
  3. I will be converting my client's site to 7.1 next week. She has a substantial blog content library that we have broken into Summary blocks in order to show them all. We are wondering if that changes with 7.1 or if there is still a limit? We don't want to go through and update the URLs for the blogs as they are already linked elsewhere.
  4. Using the code for the embed from Kajabi, and everything is working well but the font is showing up white (and not visible on the white background). How do I add in font color properties (#5d5d5d) to this style block? Thanks! <script src=https://training.paraphrasecomm.com/forms/308229/embed.js></script>
  5. I have an email signup block on my site and need to change the color of the font. Currently, the font is showing up as white on the white background. I suspect this is due to the signup popup on the site. How do I fix it?
  6. I am building a new homepage for a client. I have a Gallery Carousel set up for them. It automatically shows just 2 images and they would like 3 to show. Is there a way to add code to change it to 3? page link: https://www.digitallearningcollab.com/home4
  7. I found the solution. I needed to add a modifier at the end of the static URL for the PDF
  8. I have 2 blog posts that are linking to a static PDF URL with the clickthrough option. They are set up exactly the same, one will open in a new tab and one opens in the same window. I need them to both open in a new window. SQ support is telling me this has to do with custom code. Anyone know how to get this to function?
  9. Is there a way to have an image interactive where you can click on multiple parts of the image like a map? I have an image that has multiple spots we would like to have linked to a separate page.
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