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  1. I am trying to adjust the banners on different pages of my site to be different heights as well, but I’m using the Adirondack template. Is it possible that this same code should work on another template? I ask, because I’m trying and it’s not working. Or, is it likely that #banner-area-wrapper is called something totally different on Adirondack? Also, that code gets injected in the CSS box for the whole site, not on an individual page’s “page header code injection” box, correct? I’ve been trying so solve this problem on my site for looong time, and I feel like I’m so close, thank you.
  2. A few follow up questions: Any thoughts on suppressing page titles on a select number of page? Are we inserting this code into the Page Header Code Injection box at the page level, or in the Custom CSS Editor? I’ve tried dropping this code into both places, but no luck so far, using Adirondack template, trying to suppress page titles on all pages except gallery pages. #collection-523d4268e4b05da141071341 #page-title { display: none } Thank you!
  3. You lost me there. Please explain. "Pixel size?" DPI probably shouldn't be used interchangeably with PPI, but even so, it contributes to overall file size and definitely IS a factor ;-).
  4. Don't forget DPI! If you're uploading images that are 1500px wide, and 300dpi, you're bloating the file sizes. You should be going for 72dpi (web friendly).
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