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  1. Thanks Tuan, that worked. It's remaining pushed to the left though. Is there a way to then centre it like the rest?
  2. Hey, is there a way to remove the chevron from the main menu in mobile - we'd like it that you don't see it on MUSIC but when you click on it it still opens the submenu. Website is here - https://kinglear.co.uk/ Thanks in advance. Jack
  3. Or failing that, would it be easier to make the two credit code blocks align side by side to create this instead?
  4. Not really. I'm referring to the logo image element (the ear dude and the King Lear) rather than the background image it's sitting on top of (they're 2 different blocks). I mean, when I rotate my phone to landscape mode the logo image is stretched to the width of the screen, which makes the top and bottom of the screen cut it off. Ideally I would love for the image to be resized to fit the top and bottom of the screen, making it smaller and therefore being able to see the whole logo image. Hope that makes sense!
  5. Site URL: https://disc-cone-hl9f.squarespace.com/ Hi, Our website is starting to really come together thanks to all the help on the forums. One thing I'm having an issue with and can't seem to find a fix for is landscape view on mobile. Our home page has a background image with our logo as another image sitting on top. This resizes perfectly to mobile when held in portrait but if I turn the phone sideways to landscape the logo image fits the screen width ways but cuts the top and bottom off and looks really messy. Is there a way round this - i.e to force it to display the image resized to fit the height of the phone screen and not the width? pass : kinglear Many thanks.
  6. Sorry, @tuanphan should have been clearer, it's actually code blocks containing text. This is how it is on desktop view And on mobile - I'd love for the Giff Gaff block to appear next to block (but still right aligned) with the Agency credits in. Like this mockup - Have tried variations of the codes above but can't figure it out. Like I say, once I have this fixed I need to duplicate this page many time over to account for all the other peices of work, so any simple way of doing this would be appreciated. If it is a case of id'ing the specific block then that's cool. Many thanks in advance!
  7. You sir, are a genius. Changed to rgba and worked a treat. Thanks a million!
  8. web page - https://disc-cone-hl9f.squarespace.com/giffgaffbigswim pw : kinglear Hi. Is there a way to do this without specifically selecting a page element id? I have a similar issue on this page, but I'm going to have to duplicate this page quite a few times for different pieces of work and wanted to avoid having to locate the block id for each page if possible?
  9. Thanks but I was trying to achieve like a 70% opacity and not fully transparent. I have this code in the CSS with the last 2 digits denoting opacity - .header { background: #373C3CB5 !important; } Like I said it works with the CSS editor open but once I hit save it doesn't seem to work anymore?
  10. I've managed to get this working whilst in the css editor, but once i've hit save a navigate away it returns to a solid header again. Any ideas why? https://disc-cone-hl9f.squarespace.com/work pass - kinglear
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