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  1. Y'all! @paul2009has SOLVED this issue. Honestly I'm not sure how he did it, because I've spoken to other SS experts on the matter and they had no idea/told me it wasn't possible to get breadcrumbs. BUT he did it! He created a plugin that's super affordable here: https://sf.digital/breadcrumbs-extension It's so so so worth it! The instructions they provide after purchase are easy to follow and the breadcrumbs work perfectly on desktop. For now they are hidden on mobile, because of the size of the screen—but honestly desktop is where it was necessary. Thank you thank you thank you, Paul!
  2. There's still no solve for this. I can't believe Squarespace hasn't fixed it. I've requested it. The more people who ask for it, the more likely they'll be to create it! Request it here.
  3. @nwhittlesey @consultant9987 @sharine @jonaverill @janeyart If you're looking for a solution to this like I am, you should "Up-Vote" this topic so it gets seen more. Hit the arrow to the left of the post title. Thanks!
  4. @sharine yes, this is the WORST user experience issue for shops on Squarespace. I don't think there's a solution yet.
  5. I didn't solve. Here's a photo, @tuanphan. You'll notice that "Waitlisted" is bolded while "Almost out" is not. How do I make these the same styles?
  6. @creedon YES! Just tried it again and it is working perfectly as far as I can tell. Thank you sooo much!
  7. @creedon Hi there, thanks for trying this with me. I entered this code into Page Header Code for the Card Page and it didn't limit the character count 😕 I've since deleted the code from the header. If this is not possible, is it possible to add a character count limitation on the checkout page? (I added a custom form to that page)
  8. @NiceDay I never found a solution! @tuanphan will need your site URL, though, just a heads up. Good luck!
  9. Site URL: https://www.littleboxes.shop/build Does anyone know why the "Limited Availability" and "Out of Stock" tags on this page are different styling? How do I make them the same styling? Thank you!
  10. Site URL: https://www.littleboxes.shop/cards/p/worthwhile-paper-awesome-place Hi Circle Community! I am wondering if anyone knows how to limit a character count on a form (the long entry block)? In my shop, I have a form that asks if anyone wants me to handwrite a message in their card. Right now, it's just by the honor system, but people unknowingly abuse it and write more. Any help greatly appreciate--thanks!
  11. @creedon Yes! Those are turned on. On my site, you'll be able to see that breadcrumbs are there--it's just that Squarespace doesn't seem to have an option to include categories in the breadcrumb string. Wondering how one would add it with code.
  12. @tuanphan @paul2009 any thoughts on this? I know you're the experts!!
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