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    NEC reacted to LouieLouie in Would like Category Menu to stay in place through out entire store   
    I did some searching in these forums and was able to figure out a way to keep the category menu up in case anyone else comes looking for it. This is a combination of a few codes that were recommended here to others. 
    /* Show category nav links */
    div.nested-category-tree-wrapper {
        display: flex !important;
        float: none !important;
        min-width: 100% !important;
        max-width: 100% !important;
        margin-right: 0 !important;
    section.products.collection-content-wrapper.products-list {
        flex-direction: column !important;
        display: flex;
    .nested-category-tree-wrapper>ul {
        width: 100% !important;
        display: flex;
        justify-content: center;
        align-items: center;
    .nested-category-tree-wrapper>ul li {
        margin-left: 2vw;
    nav.nested-category-breadcrumb {
        display: none !important;
    ul.nested-category-children {
        display: none !important;
    li.category-item:first-child a {
        padding-bottom: 0 !important;
    @media screen and (max-width:767px) {
    div.nested-category-tree-wrapper ul {
        -ms-flex-wrap: wrap;
            flex-wrap: wrap;
    .products.collection-content-wrapper .nested-category-tree-wrapper>ul>li:first-child a {
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    NEC reacted to velvetystork in Is there a way I can just view the categories on the store page instead of seeing all my products?   
    Issue still not fixed. I may have to change platforms which will be a shame considering all the work I have put in. Any further advice greatly appreciated.
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    NEC got a reaction from aliceboyle in AfterPay widget under the price of your items   
    I was away on holiday. I'm so happy to see a response as I get back to it.
    Yes, that's exactly where I'd like it to be.
    Is there anyway to tweak the text too? The floating "or" is a bit awkward. Also, I'm guessing it only appears for our Canadian customers, right?
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    NEC reacted to hasher22 in I switched to Shopify. Feedback from a business that sells/delivers locally.   
    I run a business that sells and delivers locally, I switched to Shopify and this is my honest feedback on why I switched.

    Please note this is NOT a diss to Squarespace (SS). Please note I am a cake maker and sell and deliver locally. This feedback will prob be useful to other business owners that sell locally too.
    I joined Squarespace in June 2021 and paid for the top plan. I will try be direct and constructive as I can without adding fluff.

    First Impressions On Who To Pick
    Easy to use navigation, easy to read FAQ, alot of design options. This is why I went with SS to start my local business ventures.
    Quite intimidating with all the options, editing a homepage was confusing at first, editing CSS was annoying, I was overwhelmed with all the options and the user interface wasn't as nice as SS.
    As a person starting their first online store, SS was the best choice for me as I wanted to test my online store and see how it would turn out.

    Page Speeds
    People have warned me SS servers are slow and clunky, even though I tried SS best practice on how to minimise a page's size, it was still slow to my liking
    Appears way faster and has apps to even further push your pages faster by pre-loading pages when a customer hovers over a link
    COD (Cash on delivery)
    Does not offer COD, I assume they don't offer this because there are no fees and SS can't financially support this feature.
    Does which can be helpful as I got a few orders which I would not with SS.
    Lacks apps but SS does try build the apps in their platform so users don't need apps. But still lacking.
    The amount of Apps Shopify has is abundant and you can pretty much find anything you want for your site and for your budget. I have multiple free apps. The downfall of this, if the company or the creators of the app shut down, you are forced to find an alternative. Too many apps can slow down your site and if the apps server is down, your site can not load. For example: I had a postcode checker app and their server crashed, my website didn't load for a good 30 seconds or more...... I decided to get rid of that app and find an alternative. Apps can get costly over time if you do need paid multiple apps. But if you do your research, you can try get free apps suited to your needs
    Customisation (CSS, JAVA, HTML)
    Has one section of CSS which is useful and you can see your change in real time when you enter your CSS.
    Can be quite difficult to navigate and locate as different themes have different names for their CSS, themes, HTML and JSS. You also have to write your code, save then in another window, wait a few seconds then refresh to see if it actually works. This is quite annoying. Also you have to duplicate your theme and make sure you don't break your site (which is fine, but fiddly)

    New Pages
    Squarespace is very easy to add new pages and edit. Very easy and pleasing experience.
    Has the worst process in making new pages (such as a FAQ page or a contact us page), I had to install an app to make new pages and I am afraid if that app shutsdown, I will have to start from scratch from another app.

    Customers can stack product and delivery discounts! Which is amazing....
    Can NOT have customers stack discounts. It's only 1 discount at a time. Additionally, only 1 automatic discount can be running which is annoying. I cannot have a free delivery automatic discount, paired with buy 2 get one at 50% off discount...... you will need to install an app and from research, all stackable discount apps you have to pay......

    One of the best design platforms I have used, its easy and has alot of features to really make a dynamic, creative website
    Technically bound to the theme you have chosen. There are free themes, but they are really basic in terms of design. You have to pay alot of money for a unique theme and even then, it limits you. You either have to install an app or get a designer to help you which cost even more money.
    Local Delivery
    Does not have a local delivery options to certain zip/postcodes and can not offer different rates based on distance.
    Has inbuilt local delivery where you can set rates to different areas, furthermore there are plenty of apps that enhances this feature even more!
    I paid $624AUD for the top, advance commerce yearly plan with no additional adds such as the e-marketing addon
    I paid $470AUD for the basic yearly plan + $318AUD for adds I need, totally to $788AUD per year. Different $164AUD more than SS.
    Quite small which is expected and its a shame the admins or staff do NOT monitor the forums which addresses alot of SS issues. Some forum posts can't be answered because there's only a small number of people that know the answer.
    The community is large and when I post of the forums, I get an answer within hours with a fix, though I had more difficult questions some people can't answer but I look elsewhere such as reddit or google.

    Overall Thoughts
    I think SS is a good platform for people to show off their portfolios, digital products, services and products very minimal variants such as maybe electronics, non-custom jewellery, soaps, lotions etc......

    As I bake cakes, I need customers to have full control of customisation and SS really lacks a user friendly interface for this. I had alot of workarounds and agreements a customer should tick. With Shopify, they dont need to tick an agreement because the interface was straight forward.

    SS to me is like a gated community where SS tries to control the user (you, the business owner) in their way of thinking, doing and seeing. You can confined by SS rules and design and there's no room to think outside the box.
    Vastly caters to e-commerce business owners, alot of apps, customisation and help when needed. It's quite open source where a user can see help and implement their ideas.

    Businesses that sell locally and businesses that has products that can be fully customisable as there are apps to further expand on your products should use Shopify not SS as it offers COD and local delivery options.

    If you guys like to see the difference between my SS and Shopify stores, here it is, I linked a cake product and you can go through the buying process on both and you can be the judge on which has the better buying process for a customer:

    Enter Postcode 2000 which is part of the buying process
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    NEC reacted to mammothstudios in What do you wish you'd known before launching your online store?   
    For anyone outside the US the commerce, checkout and tax system in Squarespace is not fit for purpose. If you are not in the US don't waste your time.
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    NEC reacted to idzyntoo in What do you wish you'd known before launching your online store?   
    I wish I knew that Squarespace wasn't integrated with my print lab (Bay Photo). As suggested, it's a good idea to reverse design your site with function and purpose in mind before you think about look and feel. Printique does not offer products (sizes and options) that I want to sell or the control/customization with how it integrates with my Squarespace store. Not saying the same wouldn't be true with Bay Photo but switching labs or website hosting providers for the right combination is not worth it, especially with limitations or unknowns. I will continue to manually build my Squarespace store and submit orders separately through my print lab. I don't benefit from a true integration but at least I have more control with product offerings and how they are presented.
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    NEC reacted to Rockerbox in What do you wish you'd known before launching your online store?   
    I wish I'd known that Shopify is where I want to be if I'm launching an online product-based business - not Squarespace. Now, 8 years in, with nearly 50 products, I'm facing the likely (very daunting) prospect of having to move my site to another platform that has the tools I need.
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    NEC reacted to dhob in What do you wish you'd known before launching your online store?   
    I wish I'd known that Squarespace would put me out of business by removing core functionality from the 7.1 commerce platform without any warning. Like almost all artists, my work exists in the form of portfolios, with each piece living within a larger body of work. I relied on Pagination in the Product Detail pages of the 7.1 commerce engine for the "previous" and "next" links that allowed viewers to move between individual works in my portfolios. Squarespace removed Pagination on Product Detail pages from the 7.1 platform without any warning, despite that it had been a core part of the commerce engine carried straight through from the 7.0 platform. Every competing platform offers Pagination on Product Detail pages, including Squarespace 7.0 even. Without it, I was instantly put out of business, as each piece became a dead end road. After six months of trying every possible way to solve the problem, I finally had to shut down my 7.1 site. This is a huge blow to me personally, but it's hard to see how it benefits Squarespace when every artist, craftsperson, or businessperson wants to make it as easy as possible for buyers to see and navigate through all the products they have on offer. Even more troubling is the fact that Squarespace has now shown that they can and will remove core functionality that your business depends on at any time and without any warning. I paid Squarespace to help put me in business, and instead I got put out of business. I've been a huge fan and longtime user of Squarespace, but I wouldn't wish this experience on anyone.
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    NEC reacted to dcm in What do you wish you'd known before launching your online store?   
    I wish I had known that Squarespace is more of a front page for someone's Instagram account that it is a sellers platform.  Its been a pain to make more that 10 products shoppable. I had hoped they would make the commerce part of it a bit better, but it just gets worse with each update.
    I can make it pretty, but I cant make the shopping any easier with the way it is.  Ill be looking at other solutions in the future.
    Im not interested in "likes", I want sales.
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    NEC reacted to Freddy in What do you wish you'd known before launching your online store?   
    That squarespace does not have the possibility of integrating universal payment gateways ... so I would not have invested in developing a store on the platform.
    That squarespace does not have the possibility of integrating universal payment gateways ... so I would not have invested in developing a store on the platform.
    That squarespace does not have the possibility of integrating universal payment gateways ... so I would not have invested in developing a store on the platform.
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    NEC reacted to BBS in Image not showing up in social share   
    When I share a link to my website, there are no images in the Facebook share post. I looked in the Facebook URL linter and it shows me that the site is generating the OG:image tag. Any one have a solution for this? tx

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    NEC reacted to aladdinsane in Force all external links into a new tab?   
    This is really easy to do, but Squarespace makes you go through several steps.
    All you need to do is go to the page with the link you want to edit. Choose Edit Page and then highlight the link. This should bring up the link editor (if not you can click the link button on the toolbar.)
    Now this is where it gets tricky. You have to go to edit, THEN you have to click the gear icon, THEN you need to switch the toggle switch to open link in new window. THEN you have to click save at the top of the link editor window. THEN you have to click "apply' at the bottom of the little link editor box. THEN you have to click on "save" at the top of the page editor to save your page.
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    NEC got a reaction from Beyondspace in Jump links not underlined when active in navigation bar   
    Oh, hi: SWMarcel
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    NEC reacted to thewendyhouseproject in [Share] Custom Code - Navigation Link Color/Hover Color/Active Color   
    Thank you so much tuanphan! This has been extremely helpful! Can you please help me with a little hiccup? I'm using Maple template which belongs to the Brine family. I added this code based on your knowledge to have a little outline on the active page:
    .Header-nav-item--active {
      outline-style: solid !important;
        outline-width: 1px !important;
      outline-offset: 3px !important;
    It works like a charm, but only on pages in the header. Links and Folders seem to have a different coding since it isn't working. Would appreciate your help a lot!
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