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  1. Thanks for the confirmation @creedon Appreciate it!
  2. @bangak36 - It would work for me then it would randomly do this. I've had others test it sometimes it works sometimes it does not. @Paul2009 - Thanks Paul I was afraid this was going to be the issue. I disabled the Ajax loading. And it seems fine now when I try to recreate the issue. I'm going to have others test on different browsers and devices.
  3. Site URL: https://tulip-ranunculus-xc8d.squarespace.com/build-your-trip Hello, I have coded accordions for my website and they seem to work for some people and not others. I've been able to recreate the issue where the accordions don't open on google chrome and mobile view via google chrome. I'm not seeing any particular errors in the console that is pointing to this issue. Could anyone see if they are able to recreate this issue in chrome or if they are able to help? https://tulip-ranunculus-xc8d.squarespace.com/build-your-trip Password: "SuperTrip"
  4. @bangank36 with this code it swaps the position of the "THE BREATHLESS EXPERIENCE: PUNTA CANA" gallery and content on mobile. I want the gallery to always appear first on mobile for each section.
  5. It will be easier if I can look at the site first hand. You can go to settings-->Site Availability--> then change to password protected. Provide the site URL and the password and I'll be able to have a better look at it.
  6. Hello June, You will need to edit the ".Footer-inner" class in custom CSS to remove the padding it is applying. See example code you can paste in Design-->Custom CSS. You can edit the padding to your liking. The code I provided applies 0px padding all around. You can reference how granular you want to get here. .Footer-inner{ padding: 0px !important; }
  7. Bangank36, I am trying to target and make the slide show images appear bigger on mobile for the "Brendan's Dirty 30" Image slider. Could you provide some help here?
  8. Yes Thanks Banank36! How did you know what collection and classes to target? I'm sure I will be doing this on other pages. So would like to know for the future.
  9. Site URL: https://tulip-ranunculus-xc8d.squarespace.com/travel-house Hello I am looking for some help in re-ordering blocks on this page here: https://tulip-ranunculus-xc8d.squarespace.com/travel-house In the "Aruba Takeover 2021" Section I would like the gallery block to stack first on mobile above the text content. I have seen a few similar threads but not having any luck with those solutions. Any help/guidance is appreciated!
  10. Hey TuanPhan, I was able to fix it with this code below: @media only screen and (max-width: 768px) { #block-yui_3_17_2_1_1632362346311_3023 .sqs-block-content, #block-yui_3_17_2_1_1632362655894_2919 .sqs-block-content { height: 200px; } }
  11. Thanks bangank36! This worked. Appreciate your help on this.
  12. Site URL: https://tulip-ranunculus-xc8d.squarespace.com/aboutus Hello, I am trying to have an image collage stack on mobile. On mobile currently it alot of the image is cut off currently and looking to rectify that. This website provides a great example of what I am trying to achieve: https://est-bostoncopywriter.com/about. The page I am trying to edit is here: https://tulip-ranunculus-xc8d.squarespace.com/aboutus Password: "SuperTrip"
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