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  1. Hi, I'm building a Shop on my website michaelzheng.org/collect to sell prints of my drawings or photographs. I would like to have a feature where the visitor to preview the print in-situ in an environment such as a living room, a bedroom etc. I've seen that done on mega-shop such as art.com. Just wonder if I'd be able to provide that feature on my own Squarespace site. Thanks in advance! michael
  2. Is there a reference where all these keywords such as '.page-section' are listed and their usage explained? I start to suspect that .page-section isn't what I should be using for this problem...
  3. thanks for pointing it out. I was under the impression that Squarespace will point out the syntax error in the custom CSS code...nonetheless, I corrected it as you suggested. But it still doesn't allow me to adjust the section height to lower than 10! Any other ideas?
  4. Hi Tuan, This is the code that I added to the "Texts" page: <style> .page_section[data-section-id="6150b1d5c2965710d91ed379"{ min-height: 4vh !important; } </style> But it doesn't seem to work! I feel like this is an issue that many people have had but the solution seems to elude me so far. So I'd appreciate you helping me get to the bottom of it. Thanks
  5. Thank you both for the tips on how to find the section ID and the code snippet. I cut and pasted it to my "Texts" page CSS. But it doesn't see to work - the first section still has 10 as the default minimum Height. Could you take a look?
  6. I'm not familiar with the concept of 'section id'. I'm using a wireless keyboard with a mac-book-pro and its F12 is the same key as for Volume control so when i hit it it didn't do anything but lowing the volume. Is there another way of finding out the section id?
  7. Hi Tuan, Thanks. The specific section(s) that I would like to remove the height limitation is the 'CV' page and the 'Texts' page. Basically, I would like to reduce the gap between two sections on those pages. Here's the link to my website again: https://chimes-orb-6c7c.squarespace.com/config/ Thanks so much! michael
  8. So then I have two questions based on your last remark. 1. How will I be able to change the section height minimum from the default value of '10' to a lower value? I want to be able to do that for the entire website. 2. More immediate need is to reduce the gaps between listing items in my 'CV', as well as the 'Texts' pages. The link to my website is: https://chimes-orb-6c7c.squarespace.com/config/ Thanks!
  9. Thanks for your suggestion. I put the code segment in the Custom CSS. But it doesn't seem to make a difference? Attached is a screenshot of the Editing options when I tried to change to the Section Height of my 'CV' page. As you can see, the minimum value is still '10'. How can I change it to be even lower value?
  10. Thanks for the pointers to the password protection etc. Since then I've upgraded to a paid service (business plan); set up a site-wide password protection. The password is currently: 1234. Hope this allows folks in the know to help me with the default section-height issue. Thanks!
  11. Hi HoaLT, Thanks for your response. I am evaluating Squarespace and have not paid for it yet. Could that be why it is a private site? I've given the URL to the support people and they have had no issue accessing. Is there a way for me to make it not private? michael
  12. Site URL: https://chimes-orb-6c7c.squarespace.com/config/ Hi, I'm evaluating Squarespace for my personal website hence I'm new here. I ran into an issue where the default minimum height for a section (the value '10') results in a look that's too sparse for my purpose. I've contacted the support people and I was told that there is a way to inject custom CSS code to change that. But they don't support it and this forum is the best resource to get advice on that. I am not familiar with CSS coding. Could someone in the know please share a sample code that achieve that. Also, any other warnings/advices in terms of how to get the code segment injected would be appreciated! Thanks in advance. michael
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