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  1. Site URL: http://fishmanaquatics.co.uk I have the paypal pay in 3 on my site. currently it just shows the generic message. in the code I am supposed to change "amount" to a number or something. what I want it to do is to show a running total, does anyone know the code injection on SS where I can change "amount" to something like {cartTotal} so it automatically updates a running total and shows "pay in 3 payments of £X" I just don't know what wording to change into this section.
  2. Site URL: http://fishmanaquatics.co.uk I am aware that the Paypal PI3 option will not appear until paypal is selected and logged into at checkout. What I am currently trying (and failing to do) is to add the messaging on the Header and/or Footer of the page. I have got the small message at the top which says "pay in 3 payments on eligible purchases with Paypal Learn more" (learn more link does not work though), however I can not get it to show a running total of the cart vale so far, if it is possible anyway. Or add the pay in 3 calculation added to where the "add to cart" is? Just something that gives some form of running total if that makes sense.
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