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  1. Sorry, one example is this post https://www.heritagediscovered.com/blog/how-to-file-folder-system-genealogy-papers. The code is only showing with the alt text of the code. And this post https://www.heritagediscovered.com/blog/find-women-ancestors-religious-records it's just broken images.
  2. Site URL: https://www.heritagediscovered.com/blog I've been adding code blocks for affiliate banner ads to my blog posts. About 2 weeks ago, the images stopped working and only display as a broken image icon. This is happening with several different affiliate programs I'm in (Share a Sale, Partnerize, etc) and for different companies within those programs. I don't have a lot of coding experience and I'm just copying and pasting from the affiliate programs, but it was working fine for months. I've already contacted Squarespace support and they say they can't help because it's a custom code issue. Can anyone please help me figure this out? Any suggestions are very appreciated!
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