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  1. Hi, Thanks for your reply but the memberspace code works perfectly on other pages, and blocks only on the Blog pages which makes me think it is maybe a problem from yourside. Also, everytime I'm trying to add a bloc code now, it seems that the empty bloc code itself encounter a problem (see here attached).... Now, I'm not sure Squarespace member area can provide me with the service I need since my need is to create several page as article (some of them will be free open access and some other will be private open to a membership). Squarespace members are from what I have understand seems to be more of a space (max 3 to 5 I think) where we can download private content such as videos / PDFs/ etc etc. It does more fit the needs of web entrepreneurs than writers. Please let me know if I have misunderstood the service, Many thanks,
  2. Site URL: https://www.lafondamentale.com/ Hello to all, I have a problem with my Squarespace website : I’m trying to set a paywall, by integrating a code that is going to help blocking some content that I will actually sell a price to unlock. That paywall is held by Memberspace who is the company who also generated that code I’m trying to inject in my pages ; it's called the "extra security code". This code works just perfectly fine on certain page (any individual pages) of my Squarespace website but does bug on other > the Blog pages. My blog pages or composed of an Index pages (comparable to a file) and a group of multiple sub-pages that are my Blog pages. Now, to be able to work properly, the paywall code is supposed to be injected in the index page AND on each of the sub pages. I have already added the code in the index page in > Settings > Advanced > Injection in the Header, and that seems to work fine but the problem arrives when I try to integrate the same code in the Blog pages using the Code Block. In order to avoid any lost on my content I have duplicated one of my blog page to test the integration and > as soon as I add the code in a code block, the whole content of the page itself turns black-out in white, with no access to the actual buttons and to the editor mode... I am send here attached a couple of screenshots to illustrate my point and an image with the code. I would like to add that the version of my website is already a Premium version. I am suppose to launch my website this wednesday 15/09/2021. Many thanks,
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