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  1. No, not the main page. I mean all the photos used as the headings at the top of every page. For example , on this page I’ve attached a screenshot , where the image of the pen is. This style is the same of every page (using different photos) but on mobile, some photos are bigger and some are smaller if that makes sense.
  2. Site URL: https://elizldn.squarespace.com/ Is there a way to make the headers the exact same height, specifically on mobile? When i view my website on iPad and MacBook, the images that I’ve used for the headers are the same size which gives it consistent look and feel. But when viewed from mobile, the sizes are different. Is there a way to crop all the images to a specific size in mobile only in order to get the same level of consistency as on laptop and tablet? Thank you
  3. It worked perfectly !! Thank you so much !! 😄 Btw could you delete the link to my site in your last quote? Thanks again !
  4. This one works the same as the first code whereby everything is transparent, all buttons
  5. This code only worked partially 😞 It doesn’t work for the main gallery, when i used this code those images go back to having a shadow. i think because they are clickable ‘list items’ and not gallery images because the code works fine on other parts of my website that uses gallery clickable images. Is it possible to make the background for those list items transparent as well (whilst keeping all other buttons with shadow) thank you
  6. It worked !! Thank you so much Actually, is it possible to make it transparent for clickable images only ? But keep the shadows on regular buttons?
  7. No its still black when you click the images. This is happening site wide. I want to remove the shadow from the image buttons. I’m not sure if its a code issue or part of my template but i dont see any option to remove this in site styles
  8. Hey, Upon clicking my click through images , a black square appears. I want to it to be completely transparent when I click it. How do I do that? the same thing happens on any image that is clickable including “list” items or a “gallery” image that uses click through. Thank you
  9. Thanks! The code works but only to an extent. I’m having two issues with it: 1. The transparency has suddenly stopped working, so you can see the black square when clicking on it. It was working fine before so not sure what happened. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t so its very inconsistent. 2. The second problem is that when i have just one item in a list, the clickable area covered is not 100%, it only covers a small space, maybe because the image is slightly larger, I’m not sure but it means that you have to click on the very bottom of the picture for it to work instead of clicking anywhere on the picture.
  10. Yes, Please refer to this page for reference, the word preview next to post comment is tiny https://elizldn.squarespace.com/blog/kh0eugqzmbme8hfkqt7qk1xabwb8v1 I also want to change the font where it says ‘comments (0)’ to “Adobe Paramount Pro”. I can do this via site styles but as its listed as a heading, when I do that it changes the font for every heading on the site which I do not want. I want it for that particular heading only. Thank you !🙂
  11. Hi there, I’m wondering there is a code that i can use to change the font size of the word “preview” which is next to send on blog comments. Have searched but found no answer and can’t seem to be able to edit using site styles Thanks
  12. Hey, thanks for your response. Yes, I have already read that link but if I’m being honest, I’m still a bit confused on what I have to do to resolve the issue. I do not want to crop the image. It says that there a built in system that adjusts it but that isn’t the case. I have made sure that the image matches the specs specified but that doesn’t help. Have also tested with other images, the problem still stands. Thanks
  13. Hi there I’m having an issue with a website I’m working on. In edit mode the homepage/landing page fits perfectly to the screen and is exactly how I want it. But if I go directly to the website url, the page is too large and therefore the image is slightly zoomed in and there is a scroll bar. This is not adjusted by changing the image size as it’s the actual page itself if that makes sense. I’m not sure what could be causing this issue but I do not want that to happen, I want it to fit to screen. I’ve tried to search on this issue but haven’t found any sufficient answers. I am using the 7.1 Crosby template and the landing page is just a full bleed image with a button for entry. I’m viewing it on an iPad Pro 12.9 if that matters. thanks
  14. Hey, I’ve created buttons, how do I pass it to image ? Thanks
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