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  1. Where is the filter option? I finally figured out how to move products from one store to another. Go to Shop panel, click all, and your products will be listed. Hover over the product you want to move and three dots will appear. Click on those dots and the options are: Send to the top (moving the item to the top of page), Send to the bottom (moving item to the bottom of page), Move (moving items from one store page to another), and Delete. Note: When I transported all my product from Etsy to Squarespace, my Sold Out items were transferred also. So I set up another store labeled "Sold Out items" and moved them there.
  2. Thank you for your response. I'm going to just cancel the whole project. Trying to get a response from Squarespace is like trying to pull a nail out of cement. It is sad that after only a few days trying to set up the website that it is so frustrating. Etsy makes it so easy that when trying to attempt to try others, theirs's are really complicated. Again, thanks.
  3. Before posting, I followed the guide that you recommended but did not work. That is why I posted here. Don't know what I am doing. wrong. When I press shift and click on item no pop up appears with options to move. Or it immediately goes to another page.
  4. This is not working for me. Will it only work on paid subscription or does it work for trial period also?
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