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  1. It worked! Thsnks for checking in!
  2. So is this gonna be all the code?? /* CSS FOR TABLET AND MOBILE */ @mobile: ~"only screen and (max-width: 640px)"; @tablet: ~"only screen and (min-width: 641px) and (max-width: 949px)"; /* /* CSS FOR TABLET */ @media @tablet { /* Insert Code for Tablet Below This Line*/ /* Insert Code for Tablet Above This Line */ } /* CSS FOR MOBILE */ @media @mobile { /* Insert Code for Mobile Below This Line*/ .sqs-block-image { width: 60%; margin: 0 auto; } /* Insert Code for Mobile Above This Line */ } @media screen and (max-width:767px) { .products .list-grid { grid-template-columns: repeat(2,minmax(0,1fr)) !important; display: grid; grid-column-gap: 10px; grid-row-gap: 20px; } }
  3. Site URL: https://www.femmesdesakura.com/ Hello, I have no knowledge in coding and this is very difficult for me... There are two things I want to do: 1) make images on the homepage smaller on mobile 2)add column to the product page on mobile so that there are 2 columns of product selection. (Currently i see a huge pic of one product at a time) I want to make it look like atached pic. When I added a code for 1), it worked, but when i added a code for 2) right below the code for 1), it didn't work. I'm not even sure whether i can add multiple code for mutiple purposes, but if anyone could help me out, I really appreciate it!
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