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  1. paul2009 and creedon; sorry for the delay. Thanks for the solution. I think I will be able to make what you have given me work. I appreciate the help!
  2. Creedon; thank you for the reply. I have thought about your solution too. The problem is that leadership will want to order the sub-set of products and the larger set of products offered to the public user base. If we go with two separate pages that means, I believe, two separate shopping carts, checkout, etc. I believe this could work but it would be better for my sales if they had access to the sub-set and the larger set. Make sense?
  3. I have a public Commerce page on Squarespace that is built for a specific public user base. It has to be public as I believe that any type of authentication that I make users go through will mean less sales from the site. That being said, I have a sub-set of the users, let's call them leadership, that I would like to provide access to a special set of products as part of the overall larger set of products. It seems from my limited knowledge of Squarespace that I might have to duplicate the public Commerce page to include these special products for this unique user base. I have worked with other commerce platforms before and in the other platforms you can set a group of users to see one set of products and another group of users, another group of products. This is accomplished by having one set of users log in or authentication into the site. I have looked over the Knowledge Base and cannot seem to find out if this is possible in Squarespace. Thank you ahead of time for any help you can provide. Win Mitchell
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