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  1. @paul2009 Thank you for your timely advice. Very much appreciated! Feels like it will work for a short term workaround (which is exactly what i needed RN) - However, not ideal that the SquareSpace product does not properly support UK based e-comm stores to be able to display inc-VAT pricing for UK customer in store and serve EU/Intl sales. (I might have to put the inc VAT price in the product description as a temp measure.) I do appreciate your time to resolve my immediate issue though - thanks.
  2. @paul2009 Would it be possible for you to advise on how i can resolve the original question on this thread? I have a UK based store, (VAT registered) I need to charge UK customers UK VAT at 20% - show inc VAT pricing. But for EU and international customers i need to be able to remove the UK VAT so that they are charged ex-VAT at check out. can this be done? Have a product launch on Friday so desparately trying to resolve so that i can sell outside the UK! thanks in advance - any workarounds welcome!
  3. @Intrim Can you advise if you managed to work around this? I am having exactly the same issue setting up for UK and EU / International sales (which need to be charged ex-VAT). Need help!
  4. Hi @MATTER @SabinaKP @anel Did you manage to resolve this. I have the same issue shipping from UK to EU - it's essential that the UK vat can be removed at checkout. WOuld love to hear if you found a way to make the SS store work?
  5. I've been trying to figure this - but it seems that even when i add a custom tax rate of 0% for another country outside the UK - it just shows 0% tax against the tax field at checkout - but doesn't actually deduct the UK VAT from the product price to enable check out of the product minus 20% UK VAT - it essentially still charges them the full inc VAT price. Help!!
  6. Hi - I run a UK store using SS. I sell to UK customer and overseas - EU and Global. How can i set up the store to display the inc VAT price to UK customer, BUT remove UK VAT at checkout for customer selecting shipping to countries outside of the UK - this is critical to being able to sell outside the UK - it must be possible? right? thanks
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