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  1. Great, that worked. I appreciate it. If we can get the second question that would set me right. The third question would be wonderful as well, but less critical.
  2. That works and I appreciate it. I have two problems with it and hopefully these will be easy. I've researched first and am not finding a fix that I can implement with my rather low level of coding experience. 1. On mobile the links extend far beyond the screen on the left and right. Seems easy to pad that but I can't quite figure out how to style it correctly. 2. On mobile I still do not have category navigation on the category pages themselves. The code you just posted fixes that on the product pages but I'm not sure why they aren't appearing on all pages. On mobile you just see the category navigation on the main shop page and on the individual product pages now. I've deleted the code that you posted last night from the site as I don't feel it's very functional with the navigation extending beyond the boundaries. Images are attached if examples of the problems are required. Bonus question: Is there a line of code I could insert to get a line in between the categories on the navigation menu? Not a huge deal; I'm cool with how it looks without it. Just would be a little nicer with a dividing line. Thank you very much for your help!
  3. Yessir, the breadcrumbd only lead back to the main store page. It would be great to have the entire category nav available in its place. I also just noticed the category nav is not present on each category page on mobile. I could've sworn that code you shared took care of that, but it's still missing.
  4. Does anybody have a fix for that--adding category navigation to individual product pages? I've searched and just can't come up with anything. I've already had complaints about the ease of use when navigating from product to product. Thanks in advance.
  5. Thanks, Tuanphan! That worked for the category navigation on the store pages and I appreciate it. Is there a fix for adding the category navigations to individual product pages as well?
  6. Dan, thanks for the reply. Yes, it is working now. How odd...no idea why it wouldn't update, but there it is.
  7. Site URL: http://www.beardacus.art I had two websites for a brief period of time. For a while my site was a personal art site, but when I chose to go into business with it I had a separate hidden commerce site. When I was ready to go live with that I canceled the first website (it is completely gone from my dashboard) and went live with the commerce one. However, when I share the website on Facebook or in Messenger I still get the old logo (not present in my current website) and tag line (The Bearded One) and sometimes the old description. I'm at a loss. Any help would be appreciated.
  8. Site URL: http://www.beardacus.art On the desktop version of my website the categories navigation is on the left and present on all category pages, but not on the individual product pages. On mobile the navigation is present only on the main store page and nowhere else--on top of that it is a scroll rather than centered and stacked if necessary. What I would like is: 1. The desktop version to remain the same (categories on the left) but if possible to have the categories either under the breadcrumbs on the product page or taking their place entirely. 2. To have the category navigation on all pages on top, centered with padding between on mobile. So no scrolling to see the entirety of the navigation links. Website is www.beardacus.art
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