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  1. Site URL: https://www.isabeltalens.com Here is my headache: My code blocks across my website and blog have suddenly started to only show the DIV container ID when I am on Edit mode. When I click individually the code blocks, the code is there. It happens to all code blocks, with completely different codes inside. When I press save, the code blocks will still show as the DIV container ID (not the actual content). If I refresh the page, the correct content shows. If I test the website outside my Squarespace account, all looks fine. It is driving me crazy on edit mode, as I do not see the content of my code blocks and it is very difficult to edit like that. The problem just appeared on Friday, while drafting a blog. It has never happen before. Squarespace helpdesk was not willing to help as it relates to a code block. Any one has any suggestions? Thanks so much in advance!
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