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  1. Hi @creedon I am also trying to make sections collapse and expand, but am having trouble getting the code to work. I think I may be injecting the code incorrectly. I have a parallax scrolling brine template with big section banners. I want to have a button in each section to show/collapse the section below it. Similar to the site below: https://www.liorraz.co.il/ Could you help with this? I have a duplicate of my site set up and have been testing out different codes I have been finding and i've been unsuccessful. Lots of tutorials for FAQ question expanding, but that's not what I want.
  2. Site URL: http://www.billbogner.com Hello! I am trying to create a page transition reveal, slide up & close out, slide down when you click on the navigation menu links like the site below: http://exill.dk/demo/kitzu/template/index.html Would anyone be able to help? My site password is bilLbogneR21!
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