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  1. Great, thanks for your help with this. I'll wait to see
  2. Ok that wasn't so scary after all. I got the two buttons up for the header. Now to find out if I can get the smaller icons up there for mobile
  3. Just to clarify is my understanding correct. I replace this code: text : '[enter button text here between single quotes]', url : '[enter url here between single quotes]' With this code: { text : 'enter button text here 1', url : 'enter url here 1' }, { text : 'enter button text here 2', url : 'enter url here 2' }, and that will add two buttons? Or do I add that second piece of code to the end of the entire first part of code? Sorry excuse my lack of understanding 🙂 Really appreciate this support.
  4. Thank you so much for your help. I have just changed the mobile version logo to an abbreviated one for mobile. I think this may help with the space problem. I have created two icons but I was a bit confused by what you responded with. You mentioned to create SVG icons but you said previous to that you don't think they could be added to mobile with code? I have attached PNG versions but I also have SVG which I am not able to attach to this platform. Sorry i'm very new to code. Do I literally just copy all of the code you sent through in the link above that you supplied for someone else? Or do I need to tweak it to get the result in my colours etc that you showed above?
  5. Thanks for your help. I have seen it quite a bit on dental websites where they need to have the phone number and booking buttons visible on mobile. I have attached two examples of this. If this isn't possible that's fine i'll look in to a mobile information bar or something else. Thanks
  6. Sorry the password is Currandental. Thanks in advance
  7. Site URL: http://www.currandental.com.au I am building a website for a dentist. He would like a book now buttons and a phone number button to be in the header of the site. I have added a button and a link with the phone number, but he was wanting the phone number to be visible when mobile view and currently all of the menu at the top disappears into the hamburger menu when it is mobile. I was wondering if anyone knows custom code to have the two buttons at the top and when it goes to mobile they remain there next to the hamburger icon. Obviously they would need to be minimised to a phone icon and a calendar to fit them in when mobile. I have attached a website that does this well. I've shown the desktop view of the buttons and then the mobile view. Is this possible or am I needing to employ a web developer for this? Thanks so much
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