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  1. Thanks Thomas for your code and your help, I highly recommend your expertise to anyone willing to fix this issue. Guys, just drop Thomas a line and he will be of great help. D.
  2. Thanks Thomas ! I've been using your code and it seems to work well for variants as it keeps displaying the € symbol after the price even if a variant is selected. This is a nice improvement. Problem subsist in the cart though but I guess Ill leave it like that for now. Once again thanks for your help, I made a donation via Paypal. Dimitri.
  3. Hi Paul, https://publications.europa.eu/code/fr/fr-370303.htm it is true that its different depending on the country, for France and french language website it is explained in the link above. I have contacted Squarespace and they told me to post in this forum. Ill retry. Thanks.
  4. Site URL: https://pouvoirgourmet.fr Hi all, Im currently building a website for a french business that is based in European Union. As to obey to European Laws, I need to display the € currency symbol AFTER the price, something like this: 12,50€ And NOT: €12.50 European laws needs a decimal (not a comma) and the currency symbol to be displayed after the price. With this code I managed to have it work on product pages but not on the cart page. /* -- CUSTOM SCRIPT / EUROPEAN CURRENCY / davidmazeau.com -- */ .native-currency-code-eur .sqs-money-native { &:before { content: '€'; display: none; } &:after { content: '€'; }} /* -- CUSTOM SCRIPT / EUROPEAN CURRENCY / davidmazeau.com -- */ This is my first website I build for a European business and Im very surprised that this elementary thing is not implemented in Squarespace, but probably its my mistake and I couldnt find a solution for this issue. Any idea how to comply to European Laws in terms of pricing ? Thanks, Dimitri.
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