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  1. url (unpublished): gar-parsnip-ldyh.squarespace.com p/w: Holywoodwith1L
  2. Site URL: https://gar-parsnip-ldyh.squarespace.com I'm trying to adjust the header so that a custom logo is in the centre and the nav/shopping basket/social is on the right, but whenever I try to arrange it the logo is off centre. Image attached of the result and this is the snippet I'm using: .header-title-nav-wrapper{ flex-grow: 1; flex-shrink: 0; margin-left:auto; } .header-layout-nav-right .header-nav { margin-right: auto!important; } .header-nav { flex-grow: unset !important; } .header-title { margin-left: 50%; }
  3. Site URL: https://www.littlebigguys.co.uk I'm having some trouble adjusting the CSS of the newsletter form. Originally, I wanted to decrease the height of the input fields and button from the default (which is massive) to be more like the rest of the buttons elsewhere. I've used the snippet below for my changes, but it annoyingly causes the button text to sit at the bottom of the button. I have applied 'display: flex; align-items: centre;' to every parent block conceivable, without joy. Adding padding to the button or its wrapper only moves the outline and not the contents. it would also be nice to change the field font-size to .9em, but I can't seem to find the correct class. Any help would be appreciated, thanks. .newsletter-block input { height: 0.3em; max-width: 18em; font-size: 0.9em; } .newsletter-block. newsletter-form-wrapper { display: flex; align-items: centre; } .newsletter-block .newsletter-form-button { max-height: 0.3em; }
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