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  1. Ahh, thanks all the same @creedon - appreciate you following up on this so quickly! Really wish Squarespace would open up a few more customisable options for those that wish to use them. Simple things, like: grid description and lightbox description as 2 separate fields. Thanks.
  2. I've read through all of these posts Tuanphan, but still can't quite seem to get the result I can see in this Squarespace site: https://www.lindylee.net/works As you can see the grid shows a description under each image. The Lightbox shows a different description under the image (with hover effect) while still allowing you to navigate between images staying in the Lightbox. I've been able to create an image grid manually (not using the built in grids) to show a different description under the grid image than I have under the Lightbox image, BUT then I can't click through to the next image inside the Lightbox view. Does anyone have a solution to this? Clearly it has been done (I hope not in an earlier version of Squarespace -pre-7.1) as you can see on https://www.lindylee.net/works. Using the built in Squarespace galleries only gives you a single field for a description, so I assume that's the limitation and means I can't use these built in ones but rather need to create a manual grid as described above. With the aim to have a different description on the grid to the Lightbox. Thanks in advance.
  3. I have this same question. Anyone help here, or point me to where this has been solved? An example of what I'd like https://www.lindylee.net/works
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