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  1. We use a form to obtain sender/recipient information for floral arrangements. The form has an option for pickup or delivery. When someone selects a delivery, the site does not automatically add the delivery charge during checkout. During checkout the customer is required to again select pick or delivery. Many times they either do not select delivery or overlook it and the delivery fee is not added to their completed order. We have to spend time following up with the customer to accept payment for the additional fee. It would be convenient and more efficient if the site would auto generate the delivery fee once it's selected on the form and the only shipping option during checkout is delivery if selected as such on the form. Not sure if that's possible?
  2. Our store policy is for orders to be placed by 3:00pm of the current day for next day pickup or delivery. Currently our website allows for orders to be placed up until 11:59pm for next day service. Is it possible to have the 3:00pm time frame incorporated into our site for shutting off orders for the following day?
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