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  1. yes this will do thankyou so much! got lots of shop amends to do but not received product photos yet.. back soon
  2. footer css worked great there for padding thanks , just need the enter email text to be black and i cant see that covered in site styles? in the mobile view the base site text still goes to the middle?
  3. thanks so much for the help.. will review these now yes for 3 i mean equal top bottom no matter how many items i add also the name date appear in the middle for the moible but i want it at the bottom
  4. thanks pw - hedrasite ok if you think it will be quicker
  5. Site URL: https://accordion-clarinet-5wnf.squarespace.com/ Hi.. need to make some final amends to the site and have added lots of custom css but some items i just can't find info for...would be great if I could get some help. pw hedrasite accordion template originally 3. TEXT/SOCIAL TO SIT CENTRAL IN THE SECTION 4. PADDING AROUND THE SOCIAL BUTTON TO MATCH THE TEXT GAP ABOVE / SIT IN LINE 5. REDUCE PADDING TO NEWSLETTER HERE AND MOVE UP TO ALIGN ACROSS WITH TEXT ON THE LEFT SIDE 6. 1PX BOX TO JOIN BUTTON AAND SIZER TO MATCH EMAIL BOX + EMAIL TEXT TO BE BLACK NOT GREY
  6. ok.. not a good sign but happier we are all it it together
  7. Site URL: https://accordion-clarinet-5wnf.squarespace.com/config/ just spent the week working on the site, suddenly its all disappeared.. basically a total mess is this what i can expect signing up for a year.. cant think of anything i can do now.. was this: now this
  8. hi, on mine the custom css doesn't change both the padding and width, if i delete the 2nd input is change and vice versa with width
  9. has this issue been solved since and included in the template, i'm having same issue / changed the text to black with custom css but the header goes grey when i scroll but should be white
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