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  1. Thank you for the credit. There's not enough of that in the Squarespace community. I get e-mails daily BEGGING for help with Squarespace, send the response and don't even get a thank you!
  2. hey again vectorgirl! totally agree with this, in a lot of ways its more challenging developing with such restrictions that squarespace has. looking forward to the blog...
  3. Hey! Yes, we used neighborhood for our wholesale site. We develop custom sites for clients but sometimes so much easier to use a template when it our own stuff. Let me know if you have any questions about marquee!
  4. I've pushed it pretty far, not quite finished but you get the picture: My version of marquee roughly 540 lines of custom CSS Main features: Slide menu like the one on the squarespace siteFull page images for pages other than the index
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