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  1. Site URL: http://www.recordstands.com Hello, I am getting multiple pixel purchase transactions coming up for a single purchase. Only purchases, not the add to carts or page views. Does anyone know how to find this to fix it?
  2. I need help with this as well. I have read the other posts but @GlynMusica basically says to just ignore it as it just helps fb ad account calculate ROI properly but doesn't change the ad targeting at all? Has anyone tried what this site is suggesting? This seems too easy to be correct.. https://integratepro.com/blog/facebook-conversion-api-setup/
  3. Yes, or on the bottom of the page. We just need it visible instead of having to click into the burger
  4. Site URL: http://simplysoundless.com Hello, On my site I am using the Jones template. I can't find any way to view the cart in the header for mobile like it is on some of the other templates as well as on my desktop. Any ideas as to what I can do?
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