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  1. Site URL: https://tuba-mustard-fwpa.squarespace.com/ I have been trying to find out how to custom css code to change the background colour of areas of my site. Its a case study page where I need to add case study brand colours that are different to the brand of my site. I have use a Chrome extension to find the section id (please see screen shot of my code) and added the code as best I can, but its not working. Can anyone tell me what I am doing wrong please? The identifier on the extension shows a section id, but I"m confused about what that means - if its a class or a div. And whether I need more info further up the css chain to identify the section. I have attached three screen shots: 1. The objective - to show that I want to colour the section behind the text which at the moment is white. 2. A shot of the code identifier that the extension shows. Please ignore the block - I think thats about the text box inside the section. 3. My code (that isn't working) Do I need opening and closing 'style' tags? I'll need to add alot of colours eventually: all the case studies have their own brands.. Any help is much appreciated! Diane
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