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  1. The button spacing code seems to go a bit funky in the mobile view, is there a way to edit this by any chance so it works in both views? Thank you
  2. Amazing! That all worked, for both the Navigation and the button spacing, thank you so much! I'm very grateful for you help! 🙏
  3. Site URL: https://www.newnative.design/welcome-3-1-1 Hello, is it possible to add custom CSS to remove navigation links from the header bar (desktop & mobile) on a single page, in this case the landing page? I have two buttons for visitors to navigate from said landing page so I wish to remove the nav links to avoid confusion. I have side question too, I'm struggling to find a solution for reducing the space between the two buttons I previously mentioned, is there a custom CSS solution to this by any chance? I would be grateful for any assistance, I've tried a number of coding suggestions and nothing has worked so far! Thank you! P.S the template is Ventura Screen grab below.
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